Tuesday, February 9, 2010

What I'm Learning Right Now

Do nothing out of selfish ambition or vain conceit, but in humility consider others better than yourselves. Philippians 2:3

Well, I'm learning many things right now. Aren't we always learning something, whether we mean to or not? As the Lord guides me in focusing more on the girls' hearts as I train and correct them, the very Bible verses I'm saying to them resound in my own mind (nice how that Works), making me ask myself, "Hmm, I've corrected them a combined total of 19 times for selfishness in the past hour, but am I selfish? Am I considering myself and my needs above theirs? Am I considering them better than myself?" It is good to prayerfully ask myself these questions, knowing God will change me as I lay these things before Him.

Let's see. I'm also reading (s-l-o-w-l-y) through the Bible and am in Ezekiel right now. Theme: "Then they will KNOW that I am the Lord." Lots to learn there, too!

The girls are learning much, too, from the Word and at school. EG is doing a little study in Genesis and MK's in Revelation. LC and I have started in on the Lord's Prayer - trying to talk about its meaning and memorize it. CA gets her daily reading from her children's Bible.

And you can see that the two younger ones got a little lesson on the heart from daddy in the top photo. I love that they love to be read to. And yes, we're in that niche of slightly campy people who found Napoleon Dynamite hilarious.

MK is in the bottom photo. RRRRRrrraaaaahrrrrr! She's a jaguar, because we read about the tribes of Mexico and Central America and how one of them in particular (Aztecs? Pitiful...can't remember right now) considered the jaguar sacred or at least very important.

LC is learning to read and doing great with that, as well as starting in on math that's a bit more challenging. Still keeping it simple for her for kindergarten.

Here are my latest Mercies - a list of goodness from my God that will never stop growing!

15 My first EVER successful roast! (Thank you Margo at Thrift at Home!)

16 Peaceful Sabbath, restful Sabbath

17 Pillow diving (not me - the kids, off the couch)

18 Hearing the amazing testimony and challenge of a former Muslim who now loves and believes on Jesus

19 Remembering to take even my smallest worries to God in prayer

20 Noticing when He answers those prayers regarding small concerns

21 I. SAW. FLOWERS. Real, living, growing ones!! I saw flowering quince by the side of the road. Three random bushes together. Sweetness, hope, spring IS coming.

22 My mom. Because among many other things, she taught me the names of flowers and plants - like flowering quince.

23 Rain and gloomy weather. Lots of it. Because it keeps the seasonal allergens down.

24 Likemindedness with my husband

25 The barely there peach fuzz hairs I noticed on MK's nose while we sat together in the big brown chair this morning

26 My genius tech husband who does a million little things around here that make life easier and more convenient, especially when it comes to educating the children 


  1. What a wonderful surprise seeing the sweet photos of everyone pop up on my computer. I've been missing everyone. Love reading your list of mercies and seeing MK in the jaguar mask.

  2. Well, we'd be there laughing with you through Napoleon!

    I love your list of mercies... indeed, they are new every morning, noon, and night! God is so good.

    As always, your thoughts and reflections on the word of God challenge me. Thank you for your transparency, dear friend.