Saturday, August 7, 2010

It's Me! It's Me!

Mom took CA out for a little shopping errand, just the two of them, while she was here. When they came back, CA was wearing new purple socks and those colorful shoes.

What I love is that they are totally CA's personality! We've long known that she's colorful and expressive and now I'm starting to see that her fashion sense mirrors that - and it's coming out in a rather Punky Brewster way that makes me laugh.

She wears multicolored ponytail holders on her arm like bracelets. Today her toenails and fingernails are painted blue and green (my brother's girlfriend painted 80 fingers and toes last night...)

Here you can see her hairstyling efforts, of which she's very proud. Most of the time, when she puts the four clips in, her hair sticks out to the side like two puppy-dog ears. I smile big and say to her, Beautiful!

Little Brother is leaving this morning. We've relaxed a lot, talked a lot, eaten some good food, and now they are off to visit cousins further north of us. It has been a good time, and we're honored that he and his girlfriend came to see us!


  1. I should have guessed. She's our Miss Original.

  2. She was my guess (although I don't think I ever actually guessed on the other post...). So glad it's been a relaxing visit!

  3. Her feet look so big in the pic...that is why I did not include her in my choices!

    Glad you enjoyed your visit with M!

  4. Yeah, I figured the feet looked bigger than they really kids have such wide feet that we have to buy bigger sizes most of the time to accommodate those big feet!