Wednesday, September 29, 2010

My House is Sparkling!

Well, I wish that meant what you probably think it means...

What it really means is that...

CA found the glitter that big sisters left out after a school craft. She was delighted by coating her hands in it. Not just once.

The carpet upstairs is sparkly, as is the guest bed, my desk chair, the baby's bassinet...

We are sparkly, for that matter. Dots of it on Baby's head, sprinkles of it on the girls' faces.

Makes me laugh. Someday when I vacuum, that mess will all be taken care of....

But then there's the glue. Caught her about to set to work with a bottle of Elmer's earlier. Then I busted her with a glue stick. While she was napping, I discovered that after she used markers to color her "schoolbook" (she has these wonderful, simple workbooks that she calls "my school"), she did not put the tops back on any of them. Sigh.

I'm thinking a tad more supervision is in order. But I'm glad she's so wild and crazy. And sparkly.

Wish I had pictures to show you of it all. Oh, and I sat down to my school desk yesterday and was confronted by two glitter-coated, dried-up glue sticks.

I am smiling as I write.
Here's a sermon to ponder and pray over. God has given it to me the past two days, in the morning, after I read 2 Corinthians 5. It's the first half of verse nine:

So we make it our goal to please Him...

That's it. Gives me more than enough to chew on indefinitely! So I make it my goal to please Him. Do I? I know that I don't go into my tasks, and consciously face my thoughts, attitudes and plans with that mindset.

Holy Spirit, change me! I am excited that He's putting this simple verse in front of me - nine words, once considered, that will result in more obedient choices that glorify Him and bless others.


424 a cool breeze on Sunday...not just a breeze...a cool one

425 wind and sun in their hair outside

426 the last blooms of zinnia, oleander, canna (did I say that one before? no matter!) and the above-pictured salvia has never stopped blooming since about June

427 that field of yellow wildflowers we saw...a retina-burning acre of the brightest color!

428 hands working to help someone else

429 the fragile moment when Little One rests her awake head on my shoulder

430 hearing more clearly

431 open windows in the house today!

432 the big four girls, on the floor cheering (literally) CJ during her tummy time, as she works hard to lift her sweet wobbly head up

433 MK going the extra mile as she did jobs to earn money intended to bless someone else far away (more on that when I can!) in the Name of Jesus

434 black coffee

435 Emmanuel - God is with me

436 EG's muffins this morning - all her deal, a surprise for us (she tried to do them in the laundry room, so I'd be really surprised...I just walked in there and felt the sugar-crunch on the floor)

437 Romans 12:15 Rejoice with those who rejoice; mourn with those who mourn. Weeping, mourning with ones I love...God will accomplish His purpose and glory in delays and confusion. But it is so, so hard...

438 Conviction that I must throw myself more completely into my children's discipleship, then the power to begin being more obedient in this area (I'd become lazy, unmotivated, yikes!)


  1. CA has a way of be-sparkling everyone around her, not only with glitter but with her bright personality.

    "make it our goal to please Him..." such a simple, straightforward directive, isn't it?! Yet something we can't do without the help of God.

    Loved your list, as always. Ahhhh, cool breeze!

  2. I'm crying out for His help, for sure! I cannot please Him without His power, as you said!