Friday, October 22, 2010

Crafty/Artsy Gramma Leaves Her Mark

I promised after BB's mom visited in September that I would post pictures of her amazing creations and gifts to the children. She is an artistic genius! The girls are delighted by her artsiness. Her love language toward the grandchildren is spoken in fabric and pencils and sketchpads and long, silly stories made up off the cuff.

MK once told Gramma that she planned to adopt baby girls from China someday. That conversation rolled around in Gramma's creative cranium for a bit, and before long, out popped these precious hand-made baby dolls.

Doesn't she ooze personality? Look at all those fun fabrics and the happy smiling eyes!

Five babies for my five babies. And CJ's is special: no button on the hair-flower. Safety first!

 Oh, I forgot to say that Gramma had named all the babies, too. Rhyming names! Alas, I cannot remember them right now...

The drawing on the left is of EG. The one to the right is a made-up person. Gramma just whips them up, makes it look so easy. For weeks after her visit, I kept finding her sketches and drawings all around. Some escaped me, but I got photos of several.

She made this one for MK. There was another lovely one of a sunrise over a field of flowers, but it's mysteriously missing. Many of the pictures and sketches around here were from the impromptu drawing lessons Gramma gave the girls.

But it wasn't all arts and crafts while she was here! No sir, there was school to be done, and one day, Gramma did history with EG, who was having a hard time visualizing the basics of the Civil War. I think this one was on the back of the "stranger sketch" above!

And lastly, this little number came in the mail yesterday! CJ is now the proud owner of a Gramma-made, super-cozy jacket and cap.

 I love the buttons - a sweet touch. I'll have photos of CJ modeling her little ensemble for you very soon!

Thank you, Stephanie-Gramma, for loving the girls the way you do. They have inherited your creative mind. It's so special that you you guys share the art-language!
More mercies - too many to list here - poured out by my gracious Lord....

451 laughter: looking up from what I was doing in the kitchen to see CJ whirling around in her johnny jumper...CA the culprit, standing with eyes fixed on her helpless, spinning sister, obviously one of those "just wanted to see what would happen" moments for her

452 time to get to know a friend better - we got to go consignment sale shopping together

453 consignment deals! God's tender care in providing just what we needed: swaddlers, clothing for CJ, books

454 enough minutes in the day to accomplish all He has for me

455 the wake up call the other morning at 430am after praying God would open up a chunk of quiet for me to spend with Him (CJ awakened - usually she wakes around 7am)

456 a friend's offering to and then grabbing a few grocery items for me while BB was out of town

457 strength for today, bright hope for tomorrow

458 Baby's plugged tear duct resolved on its own without intervention

459 an 8 year old who willingly whips together three sandwiches, saving me precious time to work with the 6 year old on school

460 a 6 year old who is coming along with reading and spelling - it's a joy to watch that long, slow, good progress

461 Baby laughing hard at her 3 year old sister's antics

462 wisdom when I ask Him for it

463 too many little blessings and helps this week to count - it's been a good week, but also a long and tiring one (one example: had to run to CVS right at bedtime with all 5 girls to get baby Tylenol for CJ, who is sick. CA, who was very grouchy all day, fell asleep on the way back and all I had to do was lay her in the bed and she was out. Whew. Sometimes bedtime can be unpleasant when she's had a long grumpy day and it was a sweet relief for it to be so peaceful!)


  1. Those dolls are PRECIOUS!!! Stephanie could sell them on etsy. And, I love the sweater ensemble; such a yummy color.

    Your last mercy... isn't that just a picture of the heart of God. You were facing something hard -- sick baby and a bedtime errand -- and He used it to give you an unexpected and very welcome gift. I commented to a friend yesterday that even when He takes, He is giving -- and that is beautiful to me.

  2. I LOVE the dollsand the sweater, what a sweet and thoughtful idea from a sweet and thoughtful grandmother! Hope I get to see her in that sweater in the next few months :)