Wednesday, December 8, 2010

One Big Mercy

537 When mom gets sick and we are all a bit weary from school...and I do mean all of us, since BB's about to finish his first term, and the girls are ending their first semester, too...when mom gets sick and her man lets her sleep in, way in, on a Saturday, then brings home flowers on Sunday, it's a good, good thing. And the breakfast he had ready on Saturday was so satisfying for a mama who's nourishing a bouncing nearly-seventeen-pound baby.  

Thank You, Lord, for these sweet things at a weary time. Such acts help keep a heart soft.

*And, random cute comment of the week:
This morning, LC asked what matches with black. I told her khaki or denim. She said, "Is khaki that stuff that's the color of us?" Smile.


  1. Hope you are feeling better. It's a good thing that school is almost over for a few weeks. I remember those days of needing a rest from it all.

  2. What a wonderful husband the Lord has blessed you with! Isn't it nice how they can do "small" things that mean the most. Hope you are feeling better, I just got over a Kidney Infection myself and was in bed for 4 days!

  3. Wow, another cancellation! Hopefully, everyone can relax and enjoy the holidays together .