Friday, January 14, 2011

Illustrate a Song

{edited, added a photo}

So, it's a bit cheeky of me, but here's my, shall we say, recycled image - my photo for the Project 52 Challenge. Remember, last week the goal was to shoot "Something Around the House." The theme this week is "Illustrate a Song." Okay, so I had all these photos of my sweet teapot already....

And so I illustrate...

I'm a Little Teapot Short and Stout

And I did learn a bit from my little teapot and teacup photo session. The photo is too dark, in spite of the gorgeous sunlight coming in the window. If I'd just shot from the other side of the cedar chest, I'd have had a lot brighter picture. Oh, I have ever so much to learn!

Have a restful or productive weekend. Seems like we alternate between the two. One week it's rest, hanging close to home, and the next it's, well, work really, really hard IN the home!

Thanks for stopping in!
It hit me that none of my photos has shown how short and stout the teapot really is!


  1. I love the Tiffany blue of your little teapot.

  2. I think, me being a novice (know nothing but I like it or I don't) photographer that you captured the light beautifully, there is a balance of light and shadow. Photography literally translates as "study of light" and I would give you a perfect 10 for this photo.

    I too am in the beginning steps of learning to "capture the light" and I get so FRUSTRATED, it seems always over or under exposed. My teenager says it is about taking l.o.t.s. of pictures......I think his kind way of saying "practice" to his mother, I do fear that our roles are shifting!
    You inspire me to keep going, you are an encouragement to me in your sharing, thank you, Beth.

  3. Steph - didn't BB pick the best color ever? I think this blue, and sky blue, are the most refreshing colors!

    Merlin - thanks so much for your comments. What an encouragement!! I agree with the "taking lots of photos advice." When I did 10 on 10 the other day, I think I took 150 photos in the course of the 10 hours. And, my biggest frustration with learning to take pictures is that I do not have much time or "mental space" these days to learn the technical capabilities of my camera and of photography in general.

  4. The light on your teapot is lovely! I've found that when I photograph something in direct sunlight the picture ends up looking dark while the object, bathed in harsh light, tends to look saturated and uneven. You may want to play around a bit with indirect light -- placing the teapot near a shaft of sunlight but not necessarily in the shaft, the shadows won't be as harsh and you'll find that the overall photograph will actually be brighter. I love to have indirect light coming in from one side of my subject so when shooting I try to position myself where a window is either to my right or left.

    Did you see the them for next week? "Shades of Gray" -- you can do your teapot in subtle black and white!

  5. I love your teapot! The robin's egg blue of the teapot looks so chic next to the orange! Look at you...Miss Composition!