Sunday, January 23, 2011

Six Months of Sweetness {+ an edit}

Every good and perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of the heavenly lights, who does not change like shifting shadows. 
James 1:17

Asleep under her wild animals mobile, which I put together when LC was born, using Teeny Beanie Babies bought from Ebay.

 Love this one, because CJ and MK are making the same face - wide open silly mouths

 A girl must have her daddy-time
I am so thankful that God has given us the gift of CJ. I am glad for every day we get to enjoy her, that we get to know and love each of the children.

I think what I love best about CJ is her happy disposition. She's just amazingly content and rarely complains. There is nearly always a smile on her face. As if the smile wasn't enough, though, God gave her those dreamy dimples that melt us all!

Her big sisters are crazy about her and "holding her standing up" is all the rage with the oldest three. EG even gets to walk around with CJ and get her out of her crib sometimes. They protect her and love her and take great joy in who she is.

CJ loves to be in her johnny jumper, which is hanging in a doorway in the kitchen. She cracks us up, because she doesn't merely jump, jump, jump. No, she has a method, like a dance almost. I'm seriously tempted to post a little video of it because it's so funny and cute. She somehow gets herself swinging a bit, back and forth, back and forth. When she's swinging forward, she does two quick bounces with her fat little feet, propelling her forward faster. Then when she's started to swing back, she lifts her feet and glides, then repeats. Her little dance.

Her six-month checkup is tomorrow, but I can guess at her stats: I'm thinking 20 lbs and 26+ inches or so. This puts her in the 90-something percentile probably. No featherweight. Sweet chubbiness, to be sure.

We are all glad God sent us this sweet surprise. What joy she brings to each of us! Thank You, Lord!

*I posted this last night. Just this morning, after her 5am bottle, I made a discovery! CJ is sporting her first tooth! And I had just checked yesterday, thinking I saw no evidence of such a thing. She has been fussy, and she has chewed on her fingers lately, but this "experienced" mom didn't see it coming!
662 naps with CA

663 watching the birds eat up the crumbs and bread pieces I toss out the back door

664 apple fritters, homemade bbq, and hot German potato salad

665 my mother in law's NEW JOB!

666 CA wanting to help me make some bisicks this morning

667 a game with the big girls on Sunday afternoon (Lego Creationary - thanks MaMa)

668 the extra early wakeup calls from CJ lately...she's (He's!) gotten me up just enough minutes early to have much better alone time with Himself in His Word, in the truly quiet

669 finishing one journal (June 2010-Jan 2011), seeing all God has done in that time, and looking forward to filling a new one, starting tomorrow, glad to see what He is going to do


  1. Oh my...little chunky monkey!! Love all of those rolls, maybe she could share with Colton!! She for sure is going to pass him in weight very soon and they are 1 1/2 years apart!!!

    Yay for you MIL's new job!!

    Oh and love the photo of the mouths all wide open, so sweet!!

  2. Well, someone needs a toothbrush now, doesn't she?! These photos are seriously beautiful! I love all of them. She is a precious, precious baby... that smile is gorgeous. Yes, post the video!

    I praise God for our sweet surprise packages. What delight they have brought to our homes.

  3. She is adorable. Chubby babies are just so munchable. :) My youngest turned six months a couple of weeks ago...I think it's the perfect age!

    Thanks for the link! Those fritters are now on my regular dessert/breakfast rotation!


  4. I love the two photos of her in the bed...the one with MK and the one of her on her side looking at you! SO cute!

    So that's what all that droll has been about. She's cutting her teeth early or have all the girls been that early? Mine never were.

    Yep, praise for the job!!!!