Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Smell of Love

Can you smell it? Oh, I wish you could. Next to the smell of a baby's head when it's newborn, this is the most intoxicating smell on earth to me. And I think the hyacinth flowers are mesmerizingly beautiful - not just one, but dozens of bursting blooms...

BB sent them to me the other day and they were just little green nubs then.

Hyacinth is the smell of love...the very first time BB gave me flowers, it was a pot of blooming hyacinths, all because I'd once said something about how boring roses were. I'd burst into tears when the flowers were put on my desk at work. We'd been dating a few months and I was simply overcome by his thoughtfulness...literally. I tried to break up with him that night. Don't ask...just know that I've come a long way in understanding and dealing with my own emotions. I look back and see that as one of the most beautiful and perfectly me gifts I have ever received....and so they are to me the smell of love. (We were engaged about a month later.)

In this cold and dark winter, they are such a treat to have around. I carry them around the house - sometimes they're in my bedroom, sometimes in the kitchen window.

I have LOTS to tell, much news, many happenings, so many decisions to make, work to do, that I have not had time to stop and put a thoughtful word here. As soon as I can be more articulate AND have more than ten minutes to sit down, I will tell all...

All I can say for now is Soli Deo Gloria!


  1. I smile as I imagine you carrying your hyacinths from room to room. I know that's a sight that makes your BB smile too!

    This photo, is quite possibly, one of your most beautiful ones EVER. I am mesmerized by it... its calm, serenity pulls me in and says, "breathe deeply and rest." Beautiful work, my friend.

    Anxiously and prayerfully awaiting status updates as time and life allow.

  2. That's so lovely Beth.

    I smiled when I read you tried to break up with BB that night - reminded me of some of my own insane courting moments. So grateful for patient understanding men and a gracious sovereign God!

  3. Thank you Christian. That was with the little Canon, too!

    And yes, breathe deeply and rest...that is what the smell and the appearance of the flowers say to me...funny, the smell of them reminds me of the taste of the jasmine tea BB gave me for Christmas...all very soothing...