Wednesday, April 6, 2011

His divine power has given us everything we need for a godly life through our knowledge of Him who called us by His own glory and goodness. 
2 Peter 1:3

It's a good reminder, isn't it?! The days are intense of late. Not bad, just intense. Little time to process deep thoughts. So this'll be a photo-album-catch-up-post, with a few mercies thrown in, though I have way more in my journal, ready for recording here when time allows...

CA's hilarious fashion "sense" makes me happy, makes me laugh: holey pink tights, pink cowgirl boots, floral broomstick skirt with similar-but-not-actually-matching floral top + her packpack, because, as she said in the car today: Oh dear, oh dear! I might have to do my magnet board today! (our every now and then stab at phonics)

Isn't her hair pretty? She was squatting to look at the oleander blossoms. Another quote from her: Mom, will you tell me the Bible story about Moses and the donut shop?

LC's quiet creating is a delight. When she's not doing school with me, she disappears and makes things sometimes. This idea apparently was inspired by a Christmas craft magazine she was looking through. Every egg is different. So sweet and cute...

I think her face is glowing, don't you?

MK's teacher assigned a salt-dough map of Texas regions, so I assigned it for AH and anyone else who wanted to play with salt dough. AH really ran with this one! She enjoyed it a lot and did a great job!

LC kinda made up her own regions...but still! And CA, well....she just made blobs.

I loved the "Texas" spelled with dough. Very original. And cute. And in the trash now...we take the photo, we trash the item (most of the time)

EG didn't quite finish hers, but she did do a good job on the map part and I just liked this photo of her...oh and her map key made with 3D dots of appropriately colored dough. Smart! And MK - poor thing - she got her project off to school before I got a picture of her with it! Oops!

843 pancakes and tea for lunch on a schoolday

844 an empty dryer - that huge load of whites can go straight into it!

845 dishonesty rooted out

846 seeing from the corner of my eye the flickering shades of green, undulating in the breeze...pear trees out back on a perfect spring day

847 the last door slam that tells me all the kids are safe in the truck when we load up in parking lots and such

848 a listening ear

849 the crescent moon, hanging there like a smile in the night sky this evening


  1. I LOVE that first photo!!!! Is that oleander in your backyard? We had a potted oleander in SC and I loved it.

    Baby's glowing face, so precious.

    Your girls are always making things! Oh the creative juices that flow.

  2. Yes, that's our oleander. Planted it small years ago. They are very common around well in this crazy heat! Lots of pretty colors...kind of like the colors of azaleas...

  3. Miss you guys...hope you are all well ! love reading your posts sorry for never commenting !