Tuesday, September 13, 2011

The Big Mercy Post!

At last, here are Mercies 1026-1108! These are the 82 blessings shared here by eight different people recently during the giveaway. His goodness just never stops...

I've separated each person's list from the next with a photo. Enjoy!

Great is Thy faithfulness!
Great is Thy faithfulness!
Morning by morning new mercies I see.
All I have needed Thy hand hath provided;
Great is Thy faithfulness, Lord, unto me! 
Thomas Obadiah Chisholm

* After years of prayer asking God to send someone that was just right for me - I met my husband (1st date over 17 years ago now)

*My daughter (my first child): I was feeling both scared and happy when I held her for the first time as she was crying.  I told her "it was ok, mommy's here" and then she stopped crying and looked at me.

*My son, who is my own little copy of his daddy that is with me all the time.  A constant reminder of Mercy #1.

*Witnessing my friend becoming a U.S. citizen.  Reflecting on all the freedoms I have being born here in the United States and thinking of all the ones I have taken for granted.

*Being in the court room when friends adopted 3 little sisters and my son telling my daughter that afternoon that he saw a family being made.  A reminder of the family made up of relatives and friends that God has given me over the years.

 *A husband who loves me just as I am.

* Listening to a child learn to read.

*Unexpected rain on a Saturday night.

*God's love that is never failing though I fail over and over!

*Flowers put in a trumpet vine given from the heart.

*Restored relationships

*God's forgiveness

*A new baby due April!!!!

*Peaceful moments to reflect 

*Innocence restored, a new beginning 

*Freedom felt when at peace with me 

*A table puzzle that holds my focus, releasing me from the day’s issues 

*Finishing a puzzle proving the journey is the real joy

*Those light moments with shared laughter, a priceless treasure 

*Neat thunderstorm from the front porch in the dark, watching the lightshow too

*Disappointment (“my plans”) turned into opportunity 

*Laughter from my wife on the phone, nice laughter 

*Just the thought of a little grandson due any day 

*The squawk of a hawk very close while relaxing on the porch 

*Hearing a far away daughter’s voice 

*Grateful for my wife more & more as time passes 

*Bright orange sunrise over my shoulder 

*Sweet fragrance of first rain, just before bed

*Billowy thunderheads with bright white tops

*Riding with my daughter to work 

*Our cat relaxed in my lap 

*Grown children who become your best friends

*Gospel questions from my sons and a meaningful conversation about our Redeemer and what it means to be saved

*Finding a gently used, high quality 50-cent backpack just in time for school to start

*A phone call from Scotland being happy, happy news from a dear friend

*After years of praying, an answered prayer. A godly man, a husband-to-be for a precious, patient friend. {See above!}

*Hearing my 5 year old son sing scripture

*New baby words, "Nannas" and "Mine"

*A quiet, home-based weekend

*Two big bags of handed-down boy clothes

*Ephesians 4:2 -- my current meditation and daily goal

*My husband's financial leadership and how he supports my daily tightening-the-belt efforts even when steak would be better than oatmeal and toast for dinner

*Coming home to a peaceful house after work today - supper made, happy children, calm husband

*Family story time together, children snuggled close

*Good weather forecasted for tomorrow - I can catch up with the laundry! it's in the machine right now

*Conversation with my husband - not about the kids or our schedules, just about what we are thinking and dreaming

*An ice cream cone when I was really hungry for one - chocolate in a waffle cone

*God's tender, intimate care for me and my family in the past 2 years that I thought would be dark and discouraging - and the fact that God will continue to care for us and that we can overflow the care and love on others too

*Reading Living More with Less - being challenged and yes, a little scared for the future, but thankful that I know God is with us

*Summertime in the mountains...just a few short months, but those months are so treasured!

*New and dear friends whom I'm excited to know better

*The little ways God provides for our family when we need it most.

*Finding more and more contentment and fulfillment in being a mother

*The excitement and anticipation of a new little life in our family, expected to arrive in early spring!

* God's loving kindness and forgiveness of my sins

*A husband who is perfect for me in every way!

*My oldest son, who loves to help in anyway possible, even emptying the dishwasher that still had dirty dishes in it! :)

*The way my second son is always trying to make others laugh

*My third son, telling me he loves me this much, as he spreads out his arms

*Finally ordering homeschool curriculum and feeling good about it!

*My husband's new job - fits him perfectly

*Wonderful family and friends who are always there with a listening ear and encouraging words just when I need them

*Air conditioning!

*Provisions to fly home for a brother-n-laws wedding

*Friends that make you laugh at the simplest things

*Children who crave being read to

*Impromptu dancing in your living room with your children and husband

*Addicting eucharisto lists

*Good books

*A new box of crayons

*Freshly sharpened pencils

*The smell of rain

*A great cup of coffee

*The feel of soft green grass between your toes

*Your children quoting scriptures together

*Your children encouraging each other

*Sunday afternoon nap

*The night sky - seeing the constellations and moon

*Neighbor who plays bagpipes - your very own personal concert

*Crazy wonderful friends who continuously show you God's love

*Tall, dark curly hair, handsome husbands

*Rocking babies - my very own sons and daughter (God's mercy poured out on me, the undeserving when I could no longer see the light)


  1. Beautiful! And so is the photography!

  2. To God be the glory... great things He has done (and is doing)!!! Thank you for sharing all of these; my heart feels full tonight from feasting on His faithfulness.

  3. lovely, lovley encouragement. thank you.