Tuesday, November 15, 2011

The Rest of the State Fair

More State Fair photos...

 I never, ever paint my fingernails, but I figured a trip to the Texas State Fair warranted some festive color. I didn't even realize it coordinated with the matchy shirts mom got the girls to wear that day. Fun.

So much happy energy!

Chevrolet always has a big area for showing off their vehicles and such. They're known to give out some pretty nice goodies, too, such as backpacks an ball caps. However, much to my dad's obvious disappointment, the take-away this year was this water-thingy that looks suspiciously like an IV bag. Bummer.

The obligatory mom's-walking-behind-us-all-with-the-camera shot. I've got scads of this kind of shot...but I still have to take it. All of them with their daddy. Sweet.

I liked this one because 
a) I'd just had great screamin' fun with the girls and
b) It makes me feel a little bit young and hip (haha!)

Look! I was playing "Fun Parent for a Day!" I (only half) jokingly tell the girls from time to time that I'm just not the fun parent in our family. I'm the teaching-training-love 'em-keep 'em-in-line parent. Anyway, got to be lotsa fun on Fair day! This was CA's first "roller coaster." Her response to the first seconds of the ride? She called out "FASTER!!" That's my thrill-seeking girl.

The Fun Parent and some fellow thrill-seekers. This ride looks dinky, but it's actually a bit breath-taking in a few places. Super fun.

Thrill sought. Thrill found!

Mom and CA had a special ride on the carousel, just the two of them.

See that skinny-armed death grip I've got on the roller coaster? Cracking me up! That coaster was small, but fast and intense!

CJ's best fun of the day was the quiet, shady spot we found for lunch: she got out of the stroller and into the dirt! Don't we all love chubby baby feet crammed into too-small shoes?

All tuckered out, as they say...

She woke up quite refreshed and raring to go, of course.

Can you feel the enthusiasm? The big girls and I were watching a policeman demonstrate tricks with a trained horse. BB told me later that he was thinking Why in the world are we standing here? Guess the horse wasn't as interesting to him as it was to me...

Scariest ride of the day for me! Turned out to be just thrilling and fun. The kids were amazed. Hooray for dad for getting such an awesome shot! 

CJ gets a ride with PaPa: flying baby!

CJ and PaPa were watching this: BB and CA were at the top of the slide about to come down at lightning speed. For real.

Yessiree, we have Texas-shaped waffles here, my friends. Texans HEART Texas. Is that absolutely clear yet? 
We were able to have a good breakfast at the hotel before leaving the next day, so that was a blessing!

And a good time was had by all...
Unfortunately, we did not think to get a group shot AT the Fair, and unfortunately, the normal photo of all of us wasn't a keeper, so here is the silly-face-pants-pulled-up-way-high version. It really was a special trip, a real mini-vacation. 
Thanks, mom and dad!
And thank You, Lord, for precious family, precious memories...


  1. Love it!!! Once again, I love the matchy shirts....super cute!!! And I am totally cracking up over the photo with BB standing with his hand on his hip! :)

  2. looks soooo fun! haha - I'm not the fun parent in our house either, and I'm inspired by your joking attitude towards that. Sometimes I feel resentful. I could lighten up :)

  3. So. much. fun!

    You ARE young and hip and beautiful!

    Our baby sissy has those exact same too-small baby shoes. She insists on wearing them often.