Wednesday, December 14, 2011

LC's Perspective

LC occasionally asks to use my camera, then takes off around the house, documenting life as she sees it....

Here are her recent shots. Most are at the end of the post, after today's mercy list.

Mercies 1157-1167:

hearing Baby's footsteps behind me as she followed me into the garage

reading Caps for Sale to Baby, who's not had much patience with book-reading thus far...but she did today, and it was a sweet moment

rain, more rain

holding AH in her sadness

bb holding me in my sadness

sibling ugliness

sibling ugliness that turned into a wonderful, healing, family-bonding moment for AH and her sisters

washing dishes with AH

slow, mostly unscheduled days (ie, no school to do!) in which to try out some of the new habits and routines we are working to establish

long talk with my dear, dear friend while we shared a box of chocolate-dipped gingerbread men - healing conversation

Christmas parties -it's the thing around here:
1-AH prepared a family craft time and we made little decorations
2-EG planned a Christmas tree drawing contest, Christmas tree shaped sandwiches, and more
3-CA imitated her big sibs - I helped her make plates of snack + gingerbread men and coloring pages for all, ending up the "party" with our singing Away in a Manger

Filling the bird feeder

Gingerbread man coloring craft from MaMa

Toys with many happy parts

Self-portrait of LC's feet at my schooldesk

Stuffed-friend arrangement

Closet shared by three, including LC

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  1. choc-dipped gingerbread sounds GREAT. I've been dreaming of a spice cake with chocolate ganache. . .