Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Mercies This Day


1143. We've had more rain.

1144. Painful, necessary discussions with AH

1145. Beautiful, rare combination of events: EG off to play with a sweet friend; AH enjoying her first special playtime here with a new friend; LC, MK, CA off to see Lion King with Miss C (who was my right hand gal over the summer). Just so thankful to the Lord for working out these little engagements for each of the girls today. Only He could've worked it out this way.

1146. That I bought two little individual pods of homemade hot chocolate mix from a friend the other day, not knowing what I'd do with them (two little 5th graders are drinking them now as a part of their "hot chocolate party," here in this unusually quiet house)

1147. the house is unusually quiet. My heart just about bursts because this is such a perfect thing for AH (and the others who are out having an awesome time)

1148. budding friendships for the girls

1149. a month-long Christmas break

1150. online Christmas shopping

1151. coats and scarves today

1152. nice desk with attached chair from the school district surplus sale: $2.50

1153. a band uniform (from the surplus sale, too) - jacket and fancy helmet/hat: .50 total (Christmas gift, for the kids' dress up box)

1154. doorbell ringing because UPS has dropped a Christmas goodie on the porch (from the online shopping)

1155. Miss C loving on my girls, spoiling them at the movies

1156. Christmas lights in our window (seems like a step away from survival mode and I find that very cheering!)

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