Friday, March 16, 2012

Catching Up a Bit

Well, I've not meant to be absent here. There's some point in almost every day when I think of things or photos I want to post. Like I can't wait to write about EG's 11th birthday!

But, we've been on spring break this week, and it's been just that: a wonderful, needed, blessed change of pace. We have done our normal two days of homework in a week's time, spreading it out nicely. There's been a little sleeping in, a sleepover for one child, and mom-dad-kid date for another (which meant the younger 4 got to hang with a much-enjoyed babysitter that night, since the sleepover coincided with the date night!).

My goal is to simplify, organize, and purge our home of unnecessary, extraneous clutter and possessions before New Baby is born. That's T-minus 5 months and counting, which around here isn't much time at all. So we started in on EG and AH's shared room and managed to go through nearly every shred of anything that was in their room. God blessed the effort - and I had prayed for such. These types of endeavors are pretty stressful for some people and invigorating for others. Turns out, both girls were very proud and excited once it was all done and it was some good one-on-one-ish time with each child.

Today, BB is finishing out what's proven to be a rather grueling quarter of his schooling, and he will now enjoy a much-needed break from those responsibilities.

So tonight, we hope to sit on the couch together and breathe a sigh of relief. It has been a long, hard couple of months in so many ways.

I'm praising God that the last several weeks of it has found me with the hoped-for jump in my own energy levels, along with losing whatever mild morning sickness I had, which has helped me deal with my responsibilities better.

I hope to get the "how to deal with photos on the new computer and Blogger" lesson very soon now...

Until then, another picture-less post (I just about can't stand it. Love photos!).

Here's wishing you a happy, relaxing, productive weekend - whatever the needs of your heart are, may they be met in His Providential goodness.

And, thanks so much for stopping by...

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