Wednesday, April 25, 2012

How to Get Your Kids to Chop Onions Without Tears

No tears for LC whilst dicing onions tonight! We stumbled upon the goggles idea a while back. I had willing kitchen workers (and skilled ones, I might add), who simply couldn't tolerate the burning eyes.

We're still quiet. I thought perhaps we were done with this virus. But no, it's claimed its fifth victim: AH was feeling badly when I picked up the big girls from school. That's 5 out of 6 kids so far. Thankfully, it's a quick illness, coming and going within 36 hours for most of them, and even better is that it's not a stomach bug.

So this afternoon was AH resting and me starting supper: a special request she'd made - Ritz-topped Chicken Casserole - something I've never made before. Coming to a new home is full of adjustments, including things like diet and menus, and this was something familiar from the past that she'd been craving.

I'd planned to rally us all into some cleaning jobs once the big girls were home from school. The upstairs is quite a disaster right now. But it was clear that for many reasons, we needed to be rather still. So, it was pleasant to just abandon the list and make supper - with a little help from my friends of course, especially my goggled friends.

(MK put on the frowny face because she could not make it to school the day they took their projects in for the science fair. She went on to sleep nearly the whole day.)

While I was preparing dinner, CA and CJ found a variety of ways to entertain themselves. My favorite: turning around to see Dimple Wimple applying chapstick to her lips. Except it wasn't chapstick. It was GLUESTICK. Oh dear. I don't think she got very far with it. She also enjoys using markers...

Sigh. She promptly helped herself to some babywipes and cleaned her face. Well, at least she's responsible. Sort of.

We are finishing the day by watching a portion of The Phantom of the Opera that aired on PBS recently.

Here's to hoping you're getting the quiet you need this week...

I'm praising God for all His goodness to me and to my family...for these six and the seventh He's sent us...for abandoned to-do lists and for the fact that it is well with my soul.


  1. Oh my! The goggles crack me up because.....I (!!) do that too if the onions are strong. Too funny! :-) Hope y'all start to feel better...2 out of 4 are down with a fever virus at our house.

  2. Dimple Wimple would find a kindred spirit at our house... Sister gets into the watercolor paints and licks them. Oh yes she does! Just envision it... smurf lips.

  3. Dawn, that cracks me up!!

    And Christian - too funny: a blue mouthed, red headed little girl!!!