Thursday, April 12, 2012

It's Easy Being Green, and, Some Mercies

Grandparents. What are you gonna do with 'em?! Look what they do! They let your children cover themselves completely in green chalk!

Ah, but these grandparents, they're awesome in so many ways.

Not the least of which is the fact that they took care of the hosing down of my green child.

Have a laugh with us!

Oh and I love her beat up yard sale jeans. And the too-tiny shirt, also yard sale - it says Chatterbox on the front. Pretty much.

Only a few of God's big mercies...wish I had time and the ability to articulate far more...Praise God from Whom ALL blessings flow:

1206. the times when I'm obedient about holding my tongue

1207. a friend who stopped in unannounced - to do my dishes - while BB was out of town (thank you, EB)

1208. two offers for help with the kiddos - while the husband was away

1209. a call from a sweet friend, right when I was bursting into tears, needing a real person to cry with (you get the idea...while BB was gone...)

1210. the gift: two days of preschool at the big girls' school...for CA to just go join in...the first, quite her delight and mine...meant an on the fly lunch with BB and some time to get a few things done in the afternoon unexpectedly!

1211. respite: two and half hours alone for me one babysitters...during a different business trip for BB

1212. someone grabbing Costco items for me

1213. the grace and courage to hold her hand on the way to school (humbling to admit that it takes courage, but it really does's often a rocky path, working together for AH's healing)

1214. the grace and courage to laugh and be really silly in the car on the way to school....after some tense moments of training/corrections earlier (mental image for you: me belting out tunes from my old Best of the Mamas the Papas CD and most of the kids singing along...I am not naturally a silly or fun mom, truly!).

1215. pleasant things: watering the hanging plant mom gave me

1216. the neighbor's shockingly violet mass of petunias


  1. oh my WORD - my kids would LOVE to do this! Maybe I'll suggest it when they're at their grandparents' house :) Your girl looks so spooky.

  2. I know, she does look creepy!

    My mom claims not to know how CA got back into the chalk after it had been put away...A likely story! Those grandparents! ;-)