Monday, May 28, 2012

GraceLaced Monday: Mercies and Non-Deep Thoughts

Sometimes one just has few deep thoughts. That would be me today and in the past few days as I've considered what God would have me say here on GraceLaced Monday.

I'm sitting here in the quiet with my coffee sitting on my table of a tummy - I know, if a child should come bounding downstairs and bounce next to me on the couch - ouch! But they've slept in a little and there's temporary peacefulness. BB is home for the holiday and has had a lovely break in work travel, about which we are all immensely glad.

Onion hat! Onion hat! It was the witching hour - suppertime - and CJ was not a happy baby, so I let her sit closely while I worked on our meal.  She grabbed the fat onion slice and hatted herself. Funny.

In the absence of Deep Thoughts by Beth B (raise your hand if you ever laughed at Deep Thoughts by Jack Handy....), I'm thanking God for a little list of things this day - for a few of the countless ways He's gracing me, showing me mercy...

1217. This house. Sat out front with Baby while BB took the bigs for a bike ride yesterday and just looked up at this house. Thank You, God, for shelter. Thank You for all the life You've brought into this house and kept safe these seven years. When we bought it, we never could've imagined bringing two (three, soon, Lord wiling!) newborns and one adopted child home...

1218. Rest. Per the Lord's guidance, we declared this a Rest Weekend. It has not been productive. We have napped and not set our alarms and no hurrying. I'd be lying if I said I haven't thought about my to-do list, but this was assuredly right and good for all.

1219. A break in BB's travel

1220. BB's travel (for every good gift is from Him)

It always makes me happy to see the girls' creative efforts - AH went the extra mile with these cucumber slices!

1221. Flowers. For the moment, I've got a more flowery-than-usual view from my kitchen window: three colors blooming in my window box; orange and yellow bulbine flowers in a pot on the table outside; beyond that our deep pink rose bush; after that are the orange California poppies BB sowed in our raised beds (since we are not on our game this year for attempting vegetables); and lastly the light pink oleander flowering in the back corner of our yard. What a feast for the eyes!

1222. Text messages from faraway best-girlfriends (and nearby ones!)

1223. Baby Boy's kicks. I'm thankful for every one...for every day I get to carry him. He is a very busy boy.

Waiting for ice cream. Jumped up into her chair by herself and sat, hands on knees waiting for the promised treat...

1224. Emmanuel. God.Is.With.Me.

1225. Sweet memory: BB experimented with making some Scottish Morning Rolls on Saturday. It was special to sit down around the table, all eight of us, with the softened butter, steaming bread rounds, and three jars of jelly.

1226. Answered prayer: God revealing Himself to my child.  EG is reading God's Names by Sally Michael. She was particularly moved by the chapter describing El Roi, the God Who Sees.

1227. That I can pray, like Peter on the water, Save me, Lord!

But when he saw the strong wind and the waves, he was terrified and began to sink. Save me, Lord! he shouted.

Jesus immediately reached out and grabbed him.
Matthew 14:30-31

Sometimes the calling feels a bit like strong wind and waves and sometimes my faith is weak like Peter's. And Jesus is kind. He immediately reached out and grabbed Peter.

That is most certainly grace for which to give thanks today!

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  1. Beth--I so understand the feeling of lacking "deep thoughts." :) In order to think, you must have time and *space* to think. The Lord has granted us the important tasks in this season--and sometimes those are simple things, that don't look all that deep until seen in hindsight. Thanks for linking up, friend!

  2. Oh, that little girl and her ice cream!

    Thank you for reminding me that I can call out like Peter, often my pride stifles my voice.