Monday, July 16, 2012

Thanking the Lord!

Thank You
Thank You
Thank You, Lord!
*  *  *

5lbs 10oz
18.5 in

Rejoicing this evening over God's goodness, and His amazing tender mercies!

Labor and delivery were super smooth, really fast, and the baby tolerated the contractions beautifully.

It was a simple, peaceful event.

I am so relieved to have him here!

He has a fair amount of light brown hair and a sweet round face.

Glory to God in the highest!


  1. Oh Praise God ! so excited and happy for you and he is just tooooo cute... He looks like he was a good weight to ! And I must say you look amazing for just having him! So glad all went well...Off to say prayers of thanksgiving! CONGRATULATIONS !

  2. (crying a little) Thank God. Oh thank you, God! I'm so so so happy to see this post, to see your sweetie boy, to hear you say everything went well and peacefully. Love to you all!

  3. Loving all the pics!!! My favorite is the last!! So thankful that he is here and healthy!!! Love you sweet friends and so very thankful for baby H!!!

  4. He is perfect and wonderful and beautiful!!! Congratulations! :D

  5. My smile is as big as yours. He is beautiful... you are beautiful! What a day for praise and thanksgiving. "O, taste and SEE that the Lord is good!"

    So happy. So. very. happy.

  6. Love your big smile!!! He is perfect!!! So very happy for you all!!!! God is all ALL THE TIME!

  7. He is a handsome fellow, and big! I have a feeling he will take you on many adventures. Be gentle on yourself, he has already taken you for quite a ride.
    I can't imagine your relief and joy now that he is safely in your arms.
    May you continue to see God's grace at work through his life.
    (yippee! I am so very happy for you all)