Wednesday, December 12, 2012

My Two Marthas

As we looked over the costuming options at our house, EG and MK both opted to go to school dressed as Martha Washington. We decided one would be a more formal Martha and the other could be your everyday Martha. Here's EG's dressed up Martha look:

The white kid gloves (another of my mom's contributions to our dress-up stash!) were our fave part of her costume. We added white tights the next morning, but we all know that the real Martha would've never shown her ankles!

For the Casual Martha costume, we used a variation of what EG wore a few years ago when she dressed as Bob Cratchit's wife...

We added the long, flowy (maternity!) skirt underneath and a fun antique-ish necklace to finish her look.

I hope you are having a joyous Advent season!

We're still aiming for stillness and enjoying the break from school. There's some twinkle on a big tree in our living room and other little cheerful holiday touches, as well as some Christmas music now and then.

So far our days are a mix of rest and work and just hanging out together. We're working to tidy and streamline things inside our house little by little, so as to create a more efficient and peaceful space for all of us.

How is the holiday season for you? I hope it's rich with Meaning and happy memories!

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