Wednesday, January 16, 2013

In the Country + Mercies

Photos from our time in the country at mom and dad's house over Christmas, including our Pumpkin Destruction tradition, during which we destroy mom's fall decor with gusto!

 CA, rockin' the coonskin cap, sweet in the sunshine

 H with my mom in his awesome crocheted cowboy boots. He was a bit discontented about something, eh?

My dad's hand on Baby H...who was gazing at the fire in the fireplace...

Dad surprised the girls with some riding toys/vehicles this Christmas. They were excited.

More mercies...Saw neat examples of God's love and care throughout my day yesterday and fell asleep thinking and praying over them. Wish I'd written them down, for I've already forgotten some. But here are just a few. He is so good:

scary things that test my faith

the grace to let go and trust Him to do His work

some surprising initial successes today for CJ with potty training!

a wonderful, wonderful date with BB last weekend - The Hobbit + some great conversation. What a blessing his listening ear is.

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