Saturday, January 12, 2013

Mercies, Mud, Stitches

Giving thanks for His mercies...

BB getting the dishwasher mostly loaded for me the other morning, an extra blessing since I started out rather behind

LC voluntarily loading the dishwasher at the end of the day for Load #2

a really good counselor

fruitfulness in the counseling experience

new shoes for the girls

calmness during kid-drama the other day - His peace

some very big, very important victories for one of my girls this week - pushing through some huge fears and experiencing successes, for which I am praising the Lord!

rain, lots of rain


sunshine after the rain

that CJ wasn't hurt worse when she lacerated her head at a friend's house

for quick, good emergency care

that BB had worked from home and could zoom over to our friend's house and take CJ to urgent care (my friend and I had 11 children between us and were scrambling to figure out the best way to get CJ to the hospital for stitches - she ended up with three stitches)

That lovely Texas dirt. The wonderful rain. The mud in my washing machine! Ran that load twice.

You can navigate away now if you're squeamish - here's CJ's head, pre-stitches. Thankfully, my friend and I were able to get the bleeding stopped fast and Miss Dimple Wimple was quite happy very soon. Until it was time for the stitches!

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  1. that MUD. that head. oh my! I have been enjoying counting the mercies in my life in my new journal - I think of you, and that's a prayer, you know.