Wednesday, June 19, 2013

The River

Y'all, I am loving summer. What a wonderful thing to have this chance to exhale, to have very open days. It's interesting to compare it with this time last year, when I was in the hospital and the summer break was just plain weird for all of us. We've done so much living since then and it's a happy thing to see the healing and setting straight that God has accomplished. It's neat to be having a normal summer - as in crisis-free and laid-back-meets-gettin'-it-done. And all of us together under one roof. I could go on and on...suffice it to say I'm glad, I'm thankful for God's grace and help, for the Story He's writing here.

Today I'm sharing some photos from our wonderful day at the river last week. It was just glorious. We continue to experience a surprisingly mild summer, having not hit 100 degrees yet. This particular day was sunny and very warm, but stopped short of that simmering, blistering heat that is typical in June. Thanks be to God!

It was neat to be with Gramma, Aunt R and her two littles. The water was cool, the current manageable, and the depth just right for taking 9 children. Baby H was a sweetheart, loved splashing and then very agreeably took a nap in the shade after his bottle.

I especially enjoyed the day there, because though we've visited this river probably half a dozen times, this was my first swim in it! All the other times, I've either not had my swimsuit or have had a tiny baby in my arms. It was great to wade and play with everyone!

Getting 13 people ready for an all-day trip became a tad chaotic. We opted to allow a pleasant distraction for the little people: CA, CJ, Cousin ET and Cousin EE.

 Mmm-hmm. That's my guy. Ever the hard-working gentleman, hauling our massive foodstuffs from the parking lot waaaaaay down to the picnic area.

 I've never succeeded in capturing the magnificence of the cypress trees and their root systems...they line the river and are breathtaking, massive, twisting, and just so solid, so towering. It's not common to see such giant trees in our region. They created a wonderful shade canopy for everyone.

 Cousin EE, striking the serious look. So pretty...

EG: not so serious, but still so pretty

Loving the big blues

Baby H, happy snacking

H had not seen Gramma since Christmas. He warmed up to her quickly.

Gramma with most of her grandbabies. There are three more Back Home. Wouldn't the day have been a riot if all 12 had been playing together!

The small tree by our picnic table was instantly in use as a climbing spot. Have I ever mentioned that my peeps (especially CA!) never.stop.moving?

Not a great photo, but here's BH asleep on the quilt. The sun peeked through the leaves enough that I had to make a little tent to cover his face and kept re-covering his arms...but I loved it that he slept there so sweetly...

Sometimes we do not get our way (ie, freedom to wade at will). CJ did not appreciate our efforts at protecting her.

We are happy to have enjoyed our day at the river and made some wonderful memories with family! 

What adventures are you having this summer??

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  1. So lovely - looks so cool and refreshing! heee - I love CJ's face in the last photo :)

    We just got back from a week in the boonies with my side of the family. It was lovely. I think I finally caught up on sleep from my first baby 8 years ago!