Saturday, January 18, 2014

A Little Pain, Some Fun Gain

H has begun to use a step-stool. He's pretty cute here, watching my dishwashing. Trouble is, he can obviously use his new height to get into all sorts of mischief. He totes the stool around with him and likes to plop it down next to my chair, stand on it, then lean into me and whatever work I'm doing.

It's the end of our first week Back to Reality. 

How has your transition out of the holidays been?

Our week was full. Errands and school and other things, like this:

She didn't make a peep. And now her ears are pierced, per our Christmas promise to her. 

Baby sister wanted in on the big-kid action, eagerly requesting to get earrings as well over the past weeks. Since I want this to be a thing they want, I said yes. I was open about the fact that it would hurt.
But after watching CA's piercing, CJ had second thoughts...

She got very sad.
I held her for the hard part. She screamed long and loud. 
And now, she is pleased to have pierced ears like the big girls.

But, wait! There's more! 
MK also, for the first time, said she was ready for earrings, too.

So, this morning, we took care of that.

Our first week back was packed - with the normal and the not-so-normal - the stuff you do when you're ramping up after a month off.

As I look into the coming semester, I am both overwhelmed and really hopeful. The first semester always feels like a kind of stumbly process of figuring ourselves out, then boom! Christmas comes and goes and we start second half of the academic year. To me, the spring session flies by even faster, because we're kind of on our game and because the lovely, lovely, wonderful sunlight returns. Oh, yes, I am ready, ready for long daylight and spring time.

Have a restful and blessed Sabbath, friends....

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