Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Special Guests

Thank God for family! We enjoyed last week with my mom, dad, and nephew here visiting....

 First, though - some golden curls for your viewing pleasure. He's such a yummy baby!

 PaPa is always wonderful about just hanging out with the children and talking, listening, connecting. This time, he took special time to look at their art projects from the last few years.

 MaMa spent time connecting with each girl, too. She helped MK with a long writing assignment, and did some sewing with LC, among other things.

 More art - this time, LC is giving PaPa a tour of her creations.

 The Laundry Fairy descended on my house for a week. Lovely!

 I caught CA (6.5) holding hands with my nephew, EJ (2.5 yrs). He's a super-affectionate little guy. 

 Dinner for 12 creates seating challenges - note the high bar stool for mom and the folding chair pulled up to the table!

 At the beginning of the week, mom and I discussed strategies for pulling off special fun with the children while still managing a regular schoolweek. It worked beautifully that she and my dad took the oldest 4 girls bowling (a super rare treat!!) on Tuesday. Then, mom and I took the two younger girls bowling on Thursday, while PaPa watched little boys at home.

It was CJ's first time to try out this new game...

 CA - bumpers + a ramp = hitting some pins every time, yay! She was really frustrated that she never knocked all the pins down.
 Thanks for the fun time and great memories, mom!

 A little Shaun the Sheep to settle restless natives never hurts...

 Is it hard to get a picture of departing grandparents with 8 children? You be the judge!

I'm so glad for good conversations I got to have with my mom and dad. It was also a treat to see the kids enjoy their little cousin and make memories with their grandparents.

Thank You Lord for family!

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