Sunday, April 13, 2014

Wild in the Flowers

We abandoned our homeschool day for a few hours last week to make memories, take photos, and just go wild in the wildflower fields.

Mild temps, insane wind, and azure sky.

The kids went crazy in the wide-open spaces of bluebonnets and Indian Paintbrush flowers. And while I did not run around, I certainly had my share of oohs and aahs with them as we drank in the spring day.

 BH would only walk on areas that were grass-only. If I stood him up in the flowers, he cried and stood motionless.

 I expect to see this Mom, you have got to be kidding me face a lot more from him in about 10 years. Notice: siblings running wild in background 

I can't take photos too close to Mr. Dimple Wimple, for he loves to grab the lens with his grubby little kid hands!

 LC was out of the gate like a shot when we parked...ran far away and came zooming back with a paintbrush flower for me. 

 CA and all the kids loved how they could crouch down and hide in the bluebonnets. EG took this photo.

 MK found a spot for her photo. It's so funny to walk through the field and observe all the depressions where people have sat down for photographs. When I drove through this park earlier last week, there were probably a dozen groups of people scattered throughout the field, taking pictures.

CJ - sweet thing. She was pretty over the whole thing after about 45 minutes though. The wind was brutal and she just got bored, honestly.

Yes, we are probably quite guilty, along with our fellow Texans, of bluebonnet worship. My mom is a native Texan, and I have memories from early childhood of my parents parking my sister and I in bluebonnets for photos while we were in Texas visiting grandparents. It's just what you do.

You see it everywhere - people pulled over on the side of the road, taking pictures, delighting in the colorful glory of wildflower season. Truly, there's not much color to be had in nature around here outside of this time of year, which makes it that much more treasured and appreciated, I think.

I was thinking how glad I am that Ladybird Johnson so thoughtfully worked to perpetuate all this natural beauty.

But it's God who gets the glory for His astonishing creativity. He did not have to give us such beauty to enjoy. He designed it and He sustains it and gives it to us. Wonderful!

There's change in the air here for us. Lots of it. I'll share more on that in coming days.

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