Saturday, October 18, 2014

This Season

I cannot get away from talk about seasons - literal ones and the figurative kind.

God impressed on me well before this relocation that a change of seasons was ahead.

It's neat that He's allowing me to watch such a distinct change of physical seasons here in our new location. I spotted these leaves on the ground in the bank parking lot after the rain. They stood out to me like jewels, sparkling rain-wet. What a treat!

There's a quiet simplicity about life right now that is giving me, giving us, the chance to exhale and to process and adjust.

I find myself a bit more capable of clear thought and of listening, and I'm enjoying this.

We've been able to get our house in order, settling in well before Baby's expected arrival (in only 7 or 8 weeks now!!). There are still things we want to address - like moving CJ into the bunkroom with her 5 older sisters, and we hope to get our guest room a bit more guest-ready before too long.

But, there are always ups and downs, of course.

BB is scheduled to see a neurosurgeon in coming days. After he experienced some strange visual phenomena, tests showed there are some concerning (but apparently not imminently dangerous) things in his head. We don't really know what's ahead with all that. It's a bit scary. We assume that he may be in for some kind of procedure, but since we've had no conversations with this neurosurgeon yet, we just don't know. We pray for his well-being and we wait.

It's feels good to say that Baby is tracking quite well in her growth, even though ultrasounds revealed that my placenta shows signs of calcification, which can restrict proper development. I'm also happy to report that while I had to repeat the gestational diabetes test, I passed the second (nasty) longer screen.

It's been great to progress through this pregnancy with no drama so far. We had enough of that with young Master BH. And the waiting is now short. There are things to do: sweet, simple, fun things - set up the bassinet, make Baby a corner in our bedroom, acquire some basics (yep, I gave away everything after BH), choose a coming home outfit, make meals for the freezer. I hope to involve the kids in these preparations.

Oh, and a name. We need to decide upon a name...

Then there's the process of walking beside my kids as they navigate growing up. For AH, this includes some unique challenges, as she processes hard things from the past and works to figure out how to see herself and all the relationships around her in the context of her adoptedness.

This is not a simple or easy task. It's often messy and painful and confusing and complicated. And, by God's grace and wisdom, we are stumbling through this process, and there's sweetness and fruitfulness mixed in with the difficult.

I'm so grateful to the Lord that at the moment He has me in a season that includes more margin, more quiet space, for it has allowed room to thoughtfully process life's events, as well as to rest when I need it. 

And, speaking of rest, how about this amazing blessing: I am tagging along with BB for a business trip this coming week! Even as I write, we are day-tripping to deliver the kids to gracious family and friends who will be caring for them over the next several days.

So, Las Vegas, here we come! I have a little stack of books, a tiny empty journal, my camera, and a list of things to think over and discuss with BB. I will miss my young crew, but am excited to meet up with them and share our combined adventures!

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  1. oh dear, I will pray for you and BB as you walk through the appointments and the information.

    wow, I didn't realize you were so close the baby's arrival! Blessings on your preparations - they sound wonderful and wise.

    So glad you are AH's parents who are helping to guide her. Adoption is a strange gift sometimes.