Thursday, January 15, 2015

One Month Old

Happy One Month Birthday to Baby Girl!

She is a relaxed, contented little thing, and has slept through many nights lately. We are enjoying that, of course, and are still pleasantly shocked by it! We are all enjoying her so much.

Life is whirly-twirly. I had myself a big cry last night. There's always this transition, when life slows down, but the get-it-done list seems longer and more....loud. I find myself feeling sucked into a vortex of to-do's and requests and non-negotiables until the day is gone and I'm spent. Obviously, this is not an unusual reality for this season of life. The challenge is relearning good boundaries for myself (no, I do not have to or need to say yes to each request or demand that comes my way). There's also the brushing up on my thankfulness skills, thanking God for the life in this house, for the many beautiful lively lives we are privileged to know and love.

We are headed Back Home this weekend, as we plan to celebrate my mom's birthday with her and then are being honored with a baby shower for sweet Baby ME.

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