Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Happy Texas Independence Day, Y'all

Okay, this is just for fun...

Texas has a very, very unique culture and crazy strong state pride. This is largely because on March 2, 1836, Texas gained independence from Mexico, and for the next 10 years it existed as its own country, The Republic of Texas, before joining the Union in 1846.

How fitting that EG's class, which is studying Texas history this year, should have a field trip to the state Capitol on Monday. Here are some photos from out day there. And by the way, this is the first time I've attempted a field trip like this with all my kiddos in tow. They did great!

The Capitol, of course, with a gorgeous, leafless tree in the foreground

 Goddess of Liberty, with two red-tailed hawks (or so our guide told us) perched on her star

Blooms! Couldn't get very close...zoomed way in, but I'm always happy to see life emerging like this...

 CA did well. She was at her most restless on the floor of the House Chamber :-)

Looks like the Capitol people are perpetually behind on their laundry, just like I am. Oh, wait, that's my laundry. How'd that one get in there?!

The four field-trippers


64 making egg salad (my latest craving) with LC

65 LC's two emerging permanent teeth - and she hasn't lost any baby teeth yet! :-)

66 God's care over me/us on our field trip. I really had to go to the Lord in prayer over the day, because I was nervous that it would be a kind of chaotic-craziness. Not so! The Lord is my Help. It was a pleasant, fun, educational time. Neat to get out and see things outside our four walls. All the girls did GREAT.


  1. So I am finally posting a comment-yay!! Love the pics and the adorable matching shirts for the girls! I love it when my boys all match.

  2. What a beautiful capitol building! Praise God for an enjoyable day with all four in tow. Oh my, LC is as tall as MK!!!! And the girls look so cute in their matching shirts.

    My laundry room looks like yours...

  3. L - so fun to see you here! :-)

    I rarely do matchy for all of them, but these tops were so cute and inexpensive at Target that I snapped them up and then later thought - oh, field trip day - a fun time to use them!

    C - I think I'm going to throw in a few more "real" shots here in the future...that one was MILD indeed when it comes to indicating the level of MESSY that occurs around here! :-)

  4. C - yeah, isn't it crazy that the middle two could be twins if you judged by size?! Convenient when it comes to clothes and shoes!

  5. The girls are cute all matchy matchy. Reminds me of our trip to the capital.

    Heck, there's only me and my laundry room looks like that! I've got to wash clothes this weekend!

  6. Hooray for successful field trips! I love the matching shirts too - I love pink and yellow too.