Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Well, She Was Listening...

Just for fun here. MK has always made us laugh (and sometimes scratch our heads) with her art and her wildly unique way of thinking and seeing the world. So, I couldn't resist snapping a photo of her latest, ummm, shocking drawing. So, any guesses as to what my dear 7.5 year old daughter was depicting in this little art piece of hers? First, let me say that she's always been a bit more interested in the, well, darker sides of stories - think the battles in the book of Judges, or stories about surgeries or injuries...she loves to hear all the gory details! Did you guess what historical scene this is?

This is Sir Walter Raleigh's beheading! I love it that she showed his head on a tray and that the executioner is smiling...I think Raleigh is still smiling, too ?!?)

MK has the ability to really listen well and simultaneously draw or color pictures. So, I'm reading a chapter of her history to her, and of course it included this story - and this is the one scene she opted to draw whilst I read.

Oh, she makes me smile...


A few more Mercies from His Hand...

115 feeling the different shapes of the girls' heads as I helped them with baths last night

116 watching BB brush LC's long hair the other day

117 creating some order from chaos...

118 NOT being sick with allergies during the spring bloom! the winter cedar made me pretty ill, so I was not sure how the spring pollens would affect me

119 the other side of the tapestry...meaning the sweet Providence God is working while we are living in the bitter Providence...

one more...

120 April 7, 1976: the day my dearest, most precious friend was born...happy birthday to my husband, and Thank You God for the gift that he is to me!


  1. LOVE IT, LOVE IT!!! She also makes me laugh,smile. At least you know she is listening. :)

    Happy Birthday BB! Hope you all have a wonderful day together.

  2. I shuddered when I first looked at the drawing without reading the explanation. Hilarious! My guess was going to be the beheading of John the Baptist.