Thursday, April 8, 2010

Praise Him for the Past

LORD, I have heard of your fame; 
I stand in awe of your deeds, O LORD. 
Renew them in our day, 
in our time make them known; 
in wrath remember mercy
Habakkuk 3:2

Reading this verse the other morning reminded me to praise God for all He has done. Sometimes I can get very focused on what doesn't seem right at the moment - in me or in what's going on around me. When I read this, God moved my thinking to the positive, to the thankful: Lord, I cannot believe the ways in which you have changed my heart, our hearts as a couple, in the past year and half! I do stand in awe of all You have done!

God has changed us immensely. He's bound us closer to each other than we've ever been. He has made us united, of one mind and purpose, like never before. Our gaze is fixed Higher and we are restless unless we are as right with Him as we know how to be. We are faltering, failing, and sinful, but on the road to eternity with the Savior.

I've been far too fixated on all that seems wrong to me, instead of seeing what the Lord has done. I've also not trusted Him like I ought - trusted Him to continue perfecting my faith. Instead, I've been fretting (not good!) about whether I'm growing like Jesus wants me to. Yes, I must pursue holiness, but also yes, it is He, the Author and Perfecter, Who will change me more and more into His image.

I praise God for what He has done and what's He's yet to do!

Even if things are tough for you right now, I hope that you can be encouraged thinking on all God has done, is doing, and will do!


BB's birthday strawberry shortcake, before we stuck in the candles. Love the little shaft of light that beams through the back door into the kitchen in the late evening. It's just one skinny ray, but so cheerful and bright!

And, flowers to brighten the birthday table, with the birthday-man in the background


  1. As I was reading your thoughts I was thinking, "He is the author and perfecter of our faith," and then you wrote just that. A mercy indeed that He would create us in His own image and then perfect us even more toward that end.

    I want you to make a strawberry shortcake for me someday!

  2. Love how the Spirit guides our thoughts...

    I'd LOVE to make you a strawberry shortcake. Hopefully, I'll get the chance sometime...

  3. Personally, I love the fact that He is in charge and not me...because I don't have a clue.

    I asked BB yesterday if you were making a birthday shortcake for him. You sure know what he likes.

    I've been busy and haven't commented much lately but I've enjoyed the posts and the pictures.

  4. looks so yummy! Any recipes coming? I'm open to new things with strawberry shortcake! Our strawberries won't be in until June.

    I love looking back and seeing growth in my marriage.