Sunday, May 9, 2010

Another Perspective

Very soon, I want to write what God is showing me about coming alongside and how He did this for us in the incarnation of Christ. It's taking me a while to process what I'm learning, so I'll wait till it's well-done in my head and heart. Encouraging stuff, though, both in terms of my walk with God and appreciating Him, and in the area of mothering.

But since those thoughts aren't fully baked yet, I thought I'd share something that really caught my attention the other day.

Miss CA isn't always pleasant when bedtime rolls around. She does not want to be put in that bed, and lets me/us know by offering up some token wailing and crying. A habit she has developed recently is wanting hugs from everyone in the house at bedtime, which is of course, a sweet thing. Mostly.

Green growing things in my planter box. I have no idea what this stuff is, but I love the spiraly leaves and the way the sprigs all stick up like a tiny forest right outside the kitchen window.

I say mostly because there are times when it seems that it's one of those attempts to prolong the bedtime process. So one night, I denied the requested extra hugs, probably in an attempt to speed bedtime along. The result was a lot of extra carrying on and crying and her having a very hard time settling down.

When I related the whole thing to BB later (he'd been gone that evening), he said, "But you know, she's so sensitive. She really needs those hugs." He pointed out that after the hugs she does normally settle right down. True. He reminded me that she's our huggiest, most cuddly, and let-me-touch-your-skin child. Yes, yes, yes.

I am so thankful for the different perspective and thinking that come from BB. Sometimes I am just not a very tender person. What a blessing to have a soft-hearted daddy for these girls, who is willing to cater at the right times to what he recognizes as needs in his daughters. I praise God for BB's eyes and heart. And, it's a reminder to me to pray for and practice greater tenderness and respect for the girls and who they are as individuals.

Portulaca. Gorgeous blooms of several colors growing in our front flower bed. It's not a native plant, but portulaca is tough as nails and can handle the relentless, searing heat that is on the way - and still will look fabulous.

Are there people in your life God has given you who help you to see life more clearly? Who give you a different perspective from which to view situations you face?

Thank you, Lord, for opening my eyes to bigger, truer truth through the words of another!

More portulaca. I've also heard it called Rose Moss, or Moss Rose. The colors make me happy. I took about 10 photos, but some of them just didn't turn out - too breezy out today.

Belly update: 29 weeks, 1 day. 
Cleaned out my cedar chest, which held Christmas wrap and all kinds of random junk. It now holds Baby's little stash of things, and the diapers and such that I'm stocking up on when I find sales. See the "Hope" sign there? I made that when I was about 20 or 21 and was living with my parents, working, and very much hoping that God intended for me to marry someday. So, I made the little poster, taped it into the hope chest, prayed a lot, and proceeded to put special items in the chest along the way, when there was no evidence in sight of marriage possibilities. God blessed me above and beyond my hopes (oh, but that's His way) in BB. And now, it makes me happy to put tiny things in this chest for the next tiny blessing God has sent.

 Lord, let me never stop counting Your mercies, both sweet and bitter....

166 BB in an instant message to me (him working upstairs with CA running around him, me downstairs working): "I will be sad when we have no more toddlers."

167 the sound of butter being put on toast

168 clean, fresh water to drink

169 that MK really enjoys chopping and tearing and washing and measuring with me in the kitchen

170 CA's crabby and contrary moods of late, for I know there is Purpose for her and for me

171 putting on my makeup (which I don't do everyday) without interruption and in total silence (which never, never happens)...that was a nice little breather!

172 attending a musical (Godspell) put on by a group of homeschooled students

173 watching the girls play while I sat on the porch swing...the smell of a drizzly rain (which MK called crinkly rain)...helping LC learn to tie a bow, marveling at how long EG can imagine and play, by herself, that she's conquering aliens in the back yard...


  1. What a sweet, sweet Daddy... that's exactly what our Abba Father does for us because so often we are the CAs!

  2. "Sometimes I am just not a very tender person." I know. I so know!