Friday, May 7, 2010

This Morning: When Are We Going to PBS?

This morning, pregnant me was moving very slowly. Friday is "special breakfast" day here, and I try to make the girls some homemade goodness to eat, like muffins or pancakes or coffeecake. Not really on my game today. Plus, I needed to run to the atm this morning. Hmm, sounds like special breakfast should be cooked by someone else today. What do you think?

So after a quick get-dressed-make-your-beds half hour or so, we loaded up to get cash at the atm, then some breakfast tacos (well, those didn't come from the atm, but wouldn't that be nice now and then...two birds with one stone, ha).

We zip over to the little freestanding atm, only to see it's being serviced, so we head on over to the taco place closeby, order our not-so-healthy-but-very-tasty breakfasts and load back up in the truck. I pass out the food, only to find we're 3 tacos short. That won't do, eh? Run back in, get the missing food, return and hand it out to the hungry ones. As I pulled away, I had that Beth, these really are the best days of your life...breathe in the warm morning air and eat up the youngness and craziness of this phase and love the chaotic question-asking, hungry bunch of people riding in the back of your big truck. And it was good to feel that, to think that, to appreciate this silly, off-routine morning. All gifts from my God.

Next, it's back to that nearby atm to see if the workmen are finished there. Nope. So, it's off to a different one. At this point, CA begins asking when we're going to go to PBS. I finally realized she was trying to say atm, but then she's telling on me again: they got to watch cartoons this am on, well, PBS, of course, since I wasn't exactly up and at 'em today.

We did finally get our cash at the PBS. Oh, and in all my running around this morning, I forgot that my sweet friend was coming by to drop of something for sorry, T! It's the pregnesia!

Have a great weekend! Here are some photos from April:

We've not had much rain this spring. On this particular day, there was a nice drenching downpour, which lured the girls outside very quickly, where they stood with buckets and such to catch the rain rolling off the porch roof. I can't remember what had MK so excited, but the face is priceless.

EG loves to play games. Mommy's not much of a game-player. But time with EG is a sweet thing, so three rounds of Chutes and Ladders was good - and she won every time. Lord, help me give to them more and more in ways that bless their hearts.

It looks like a sweet embrace. It's not. MK was hefting LC up onto a swing, I think. They hang them in all these crazy ways and then do tricks and such on them. But, do you love LC's happy face?!?

My (ahem) ladies on Easter

Also from Easter. We took old egg cartons and made "Easter baskets" using random craft stuff. This was EG's.


  1. Yes, these are the best days of our life... and the hardest, I think!

    My dad is a CPA but when I was little I told people that he was a CBS.

  2. Yes, they are hard days. I'll second that!

    And, CBS: too cute :-)