Friday, June 18, 2010

Brep-tist and Snapshot of Our Morning

Brep-tist: CA's way of saying breakfast

Confession: we did leave the kitchen in a mess last night. But not this mess. Night before last, BB worked all night, literally, coming to bed after 5am. The past two nights have been poor sleep for me, too. (You know how God prepares our minds and bodies for the sometimes harsh reality of newborn sleep unpredictabilities?)

So this morning, everyone was moving pretty slowly, sleeping later than normal. When I finally dragged myself into the shower and downstairs, I found that EG had decided to make pancakes. Now, she's done pancakes once before, with me available to supervise a little. This was quite a step of independence. I'm kind of surprised she did it without asking. Anyway. Very sweet of her to try to make a special meal for us. Oh, but we're out of eggs.

She had a frustrated look on her face. They taste like flour, Mom. We don't have any eggs. Apparently, she and MK had a difference of opinion on whether I've ever made pancakes without eggs and EG decided to go ahead and try. Then they asked if you're supposed to spray the pan when making pancakes. I told them yes, or use butter. MK informed me that they used lots of butter.

In the end, I told her she'd done a great job (I think about 4 pancakes got made, total), thanked her for her thoughtfulness, then suggested we grab takeout breakfast. It helps that in my hours awake last night, I fantasized (partly because I knew we are way low on breakfast fare) about Cracker Barrel breakfasts...and that there's one about 2 miles from our house...

While I called in a to-go order for us, LC began trying to make a paperdoll chain on the living room floor. This is how things looked when I came back from the 20 minute run to Cracker Barrel. One of these messes I "let" them make. BB was already working upstairs. Oh, hey, my stomach sneaked into this picture! Ha!

CA was not, shall we say, meshing well with whatever the big girls were up to after breakfast, so I called her over to help me tackle the oh-my-goodness-destroyed kitchen. So we washed while listening to a U2: Best of 1980-1990. And yep, there's the 35 week belly pooching out over the sink edge. Not sure why my hand looks so wrinkly!

Just thought this kind of morning deserved to be documented...
Have a great weekend, friends!


  1. Love it, love it!! So sweet of her to try to make breakfast on her own. What thoughtful girl(s) you and BB are raising.

    We too love cracker barrel takeout-so much easier than trying to load everyone up for an early breakfast!

    You have a wonderful weekend too!

    Oh-and I just one my ebay bid on the Saxon manipulative and teachers book-I can't wait to get it in!

  2. Hey, that's great about the ebay bid and Saxon stuff! Good for you!

  3. Ouch! What a mess! Gotta love the fact that she tried to surprise you though. Now she knows...gotta have eggs. Miss you guys!

    ps...tell Lilian that I would have made just as big a papery mess trying to make paper dolls.

  4. Hey! Just reread my post earlier and I should have said won instead of one my ebay stuff - and I am supposed to teach my child :) Haha!!!

  5. You should title this post "the breakfast chronicles"! Sweet of EG... I remember attempting pancakes on my own as a child and how patient my mom was with the result!

    I'm loving your belly! Hard to believe mine looked that way not too long ago!

  6. you are such a good mom! I love hearing about others' mornings :)
    How old is your sweetie that made pancakes? That's impressive, eggs or no.
    Your photos are sweet too - including details that may otherwise be forgotten I'm sure.

  7. Margo, this particular sweetie is almost 9.5 years.

  8. Oh, the scissors and the abundant scraps! Looks like a very familiar scene.