Tuesday, June 22, 2010

How a Programmer Thinks

This just made me laugh.

BB to me tonight: "I wrote myself a reminder to download...I mean, water the other half of the back yard."

Me to BB, unable to resist teasing him: "What, you're going to download some water on the yard? Is that how programmers say it?"

Pretty photo BB got of our cannas. I LOVE the brilliant yellow that these will be once they open!

This is random, I know, but I had to show this after reading a post by Anna at Sweet Nest saying that her children throw clothes over the banister, sometimes with the same problem resulting. Oops!

1 comment:

  1. Too funny!! Wouldn't it be nice if all you had to do was download water to the yard-no messing with that darn sprinkler, trying to get the water in just the right spot-all while getting drenched by the sprinkler :)

    Love the last photo, at least the towel did not pull the star down!