Saturday, June 12, 2010

We Have a Name

Just kidding. Oh, I know that was mean. Our families are anxiously awaiting our choice of names for this little baby, who should be arriving in the next month and half. BB and have a very, very hard time agreeing on names. But, CA has come to the rescue, and has chosen a name all by herself. Are you ready?


Actually, that's her way of saying Jody.

Today she added to to it, making it Dodie Tah-Dyne (Tah-Dyne is what she calls herself).

I hate to tell her that Jody is not really on our (very small) list of name possibilities. Oh, well, thanks for trying, CA! I laugh every time I hear her say it, because it's such a random name choice!

Some fun update-y pictures:

The few, the proud, the brave: the plastic helmet Marines. LC looking very staunch and tough. Watch out! She has her just-made paper sword in hand!

After my 34 week checkup yesterday. We all went. These photos are all by BB, taken on the nature trail that is next to the birthing center.

CA, just like the other girls, is pretty obsessed with roly polies. Don't you love the way little kids squat down and study things on the ground like this?

LC holding out another roly poly for CA

One more, for the record. Only problem with this lovely, shaded, pleasant trail? Mosquitoes. Stand still for 5 seconds, get eaten up.

Lots of roly polies. Please don't bring them in the truck.

EG laughing because BB teased her about the fake smile she gave him at first. Love all the papers bulging out of my purse?

 Our little nature walk, which had to be little, unfortunately, because of those pesky mosquitoes!
I hope you have a blessed and relaxed weekend, one where you are aware of His mercies and His presence. Next time: the girls' clay animal figures and some thoughts on prayer (I think).
I've got so much to be thankful many, many Mercies...

218 cilantro-scented fingernails, after pinching back our little plants

219 basil-scented fingernails....

220 perfect raspberries on a quick single layer white cake for dessert the other night...oh my.

221 observing together an answer to prayer: yesterday, after much discord and yuck in the am, the rest of the morning/afternoon was refreshingly sweet and good and productive

222 baby's head down (wasn't last time), measuring on track (my babies have not always at this stage)

223 MK got to find the baby's heartbeat with the doppler yesterday at the prenatal appointment

224 a handsome head to buzz-cut every 6 weeks or so (last night in the hot evening sun)

225 the ease and rest and break that this summer has been so far

226 getting to read in bed last night...lots of pages, too!

227 that BB was able to get some yard work done - made everything look sharp!

228 MK's sweet and quirky non-wink that she gives me when I wink at her


  1. Keep on getting bigger baby!!! The bigger the better :)

    I love the photo's of you-you look great, cute outfit too!

  2. I think you guys should go with Caroline's suggestion! It has a nice ring to it. : )

    You look like you are about to pop...your belly button looks likes it's turned its self inside out.

    Love all those sweet little hands.

  3. you look absolutely lovely! Kelly