Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Eggs and Art and Belly Shots

In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. He was with God in the beginning. Through Him all things were made; without Him nothing was made that has been made. In Him was life, and that life was the light of men. The light shines in the darkness, but the darkness has not understood it. John 1:1-5

These were the three different-colored eggs from the same dozen that I mentioned a few days ago. 

This morning my ever-so-slow read through the Bible brought me into the first chapter of John's gospel, and though it is a familiar passage, the whole thing just struck me afresh as just being beautiful. And then I was impressed by how much deep, foundational theological truth is packed into that chapter (ie, the diety of Christ and more).

I love to share what God is teaching me in every day life and through His Word and other great resources, but these days, as I said in the last post, I cannot seem to articulate very well. So, I will listen, and learn and share as He leads.

Can we paint, mom? Sure. Came back downstairs to find these elaborate ink-blot style paintings, with the sort of etching thing going on (they used the other end of their paintbrushes to do the white etching stuff).

I think that my posts are about to become much more random - both in content and in regularity of posting. I just don't think in a straight line anymore lately! And of course, there are great changes afoot. Baby comes, then school starts. Prayin' for grace, prayin' for grace...

Since we are anticipating guests on Friday night, AND a baby any day, AND school starting in about a month, one goal has been to "clean slate" the rooms in the house. It's a big undertaking, but when we all work together, it can go so quickly. Today, we tackled LC and MK's shared room, with me on the floor delegating (might also be seen as bossing :-) the work and doing what I could. My belly and my bum knee make crawling around on the floor, getting up and down pretty tricky (probably a downright funny sight,too, though the girls never laugh at me).

They did, oh, about....25 of these things...

By the way, "clean slate" just means going through a room and putting everything in it where it actually belongs, and trashing anything that is, well, trash, as well as broken items or no longer loved crafts, used up erasers, etc. We struggle to stay on top of clutter around here. I *heart* the times when we are able to clean slate a room. It's not terribly often at all.

After a break during which we had snacks and I read them some stories from The Book of Virtues, we went back to work - this time on our schoolroom, which is undergoing an organizational overhaul. Oh, my - it's so amazingly improved tonight. I cannot believe how much we got done. I COULD NOT have gotten it done without three sets of helpful, willing little hands and feet. I was able to sit in a chair and tidy my own school desk while at the same time keeping everyone going on little tasks of tidying and organizing. MK, in particular, really threw herself into the work, sorting the many unshelved books into their right places and much more. Thanks be to God, who has mercifully allowed this big job to be largely finished here before baby comes!

This was the Belly on Sunday (LC's Birthday!) at 37.5 weeks. I don't feel as though my stomach is getting much bigger day by day at this point, but my measurement keeps rising appropriately, so I am very glad about that.

I hope to post some pictures and thoughts very soon about LC's sixth birthday. We had a fun, low-key day celebrating.

This coming weekend, we celebrate MK's 8th birthday. She graciously agreed, months ago, to "have" her birthday early, since her real birthday is only 3 days from my due date. So, we'll have more birthday fun come Saturday, and this time we'll have grandparents and a cousin on hand. Everyone's very excited. And don't tell MK, but she's getting roller skates for her birthday! She'll be mighty pleased.

Oh, hey, the shirt in the above photo? Got it for fifty cents at a yard sale a few months ago! It's one of the few that still fit right now.

After we have MK's birthday party, then I suppose it'll really feel like the wait is on...tick, tock, tick, tock...was that a contraction??!

God bless you all this day - keep seeking Him with Your whole heart!


  1. What a beautiful belly!

    I am continually blown away by your girls' artwork. They are so creative.

  2. Beautiful artwork!

    Funny how cantilevered your baby bump looks in that first belly shot, and how tiny it appears to be in the second belly shot. I can't wait to meet this little one! Oh, and I love that top, very pretty.

    I'm praying for you.