Sunday, July 4, 2010

I Heartily Recommend It

For the life of me, I cannot seem to be articulate get out my thoughts or feelings or what I'm learning in words that are clear.

Therefore, I'll say it short and sweet:

You should read this one.

If I could send each of you a copy of it, I would.

Author: Elizabeth Prentiss, 1869

Stepping Heavenward is fiction, the story of Katherine Mortimer, as told through her journal entries.

Why you should read this book (see, I'm sounding like Reading Rainbow here...):

-Because it gives a realistic presentation of what it means to be a Christ-follower, to be sanctified through trials, and to persevere with joy in seeking and obeying Jesus one's whole life through

-Though it's fiction, Prentiss did an amazing job of making Katherine's character, thoughts, and life absolutely real. Her frankness and the honesty with which she tells her faults and struggles is refreshing and endearing.

-Katherine's story is entertaining for sure, but what you really get in the process of reading her thoughts is a basic (and very solid) course on discipleship - what it looks like to live daily as a redeemed child of God.

I intend to have each of my girls read Stepping Heavenward when they reach their early teens, perhaps. Reading Katherine's journey of faith, her process and her progress, including the dark times and failures she suffered, will challenge and encourage my girls.

I'm close to finishing the book myself, but it's my second read. The first time I read it was before I got married, and I loved it then, too. It's been a true delight and has gently challenged my spirit, urging me to draw closer to Christ and desire His will and pleasure more than anything else.

One last note - Elizabeth Prentiss also wrote a charming book called Little Threads, a great read-aloud for families. It is especially applicable if you've got a strong-willed type or two in your bunch.
Getting back to the Mercy List:

257 the sound of church bells, faintly, over the din of highway traffic as I pumped gas yesterday

258 three colors of eggs in my carton: brown, tan, and palest blue

259 some one-on-one with EG - haircut and grocery run (thanks for pushing the cart, kiddo!)

260 every day God gives us with each other and our children, the born ones and the unborn one

261 that our third baby, LC, was in our arms for the first time on this day 6 years ago...what a happy, contented blessing of child she has always been!

262 that I have a few shirts that still fit over my sticking-straigh-out, 8.5 months pregnant belly

263 very unexpected funds that perfectly covered the cost of some new cabinets, needed to keep our schoolroom/gameroom organized

264 Toy Story 3 with all the girls today - a big treat - we never, ever go to the fun that they're at ages where we can take them all, and they all enjoyed it.

265 Five days till mom, dad, and MB come from Back Home to be near for baby's birth!


  1. I will have to look into that book...sounds very good.

    Love the part you said a strong-willed type or two-how about three! haha :)

    We took the boys last week to see TS3 too- our first time to take the two big boys to the movies-great memories!