Thursday, July 1, 2010

They Did It!!

....But perfect love drives out fear...I John 4:18

This is the verse that came to mind today as I drove away from the girls' last day of swim lessons for the summer. We prayed much that God would give the girls courage and success and help them conquer water-fear.

This is a day of victory, and praise be to God, our listening, loving God!

Photos of pool-side life for us over the past four weeks:

Most days, I just took it easy in my camping chair, but when there was some cloud cover, the girls and I walked around more and explored a little. LC was always gathering things: flowers, sticks, little garden snail shells.

This is how we set up "camp" each day - two or three camping chairs (hey, LC, outta my chair!), a bag of coloring books, crayons and books to read. And another bag with water and a few snacks. There is a dog park behind the pool, so we checked that out one day, too. Wave at the Union Pacific!

The big girls swam for the first hour in this second session of lessons. EG was busy telling me the highlights of her class that day. During LC's hour of lessons, MK and EG spent most of their time exploring and collecting snail shells and such.

I was not able to get many photos at all of the girls "at work" in the pool. On parents' day (today), when moms and dads are allowed poolside to watch, it rained through the whole lesson (we stood by the pool with our umbrellas) and we could not take pictures of their accomplishments, unfortunately. EG's little friend obviously couldn't resist doing the bunny ears thing...

I was very happy to see and capture this moment, though, the day before lessons were over! MK is doing a kneeling dive. This is a little girl who was terrified to jump in at all, in any depth, much less do a dive into 11 feet with wonderful, non-chalant confidence! EG was doing a fabulous standing dive by the end, as well. Great form! We're so proud of them!

Then, the moment of truth today: did they pass? We told them all beforehand we did not care whether they passed or "failed," because they had come so far, worked so hard, and were now able to fend for themselves in the water (the big two mostly on that one, but LC is coming along quickly!). So, yes, obviously, they ALL PASSED their levels this time, and they were challenging classes. We were all so happy!

Lastly, the sweet reward: a trip as a family to a frozen yogurt place nearby. Are those my four girls, sitting at a table by themselves? Are they really that big and independent? I'm thinkin' so....
All the exhausted swimmers are fast asleep now, and this little chapter of our summer and our lives is closed. It was such a good opportunity to talk with and remind the girls that GOD is our Help, that HE gives success and courage, and that HIS perfect love is what casts out fear...and not just the fear of water. What a neat lesson it's been for them and such a joy and encouragement to us.

To God be the glory!

Now, it is really, truly get-ready-for-baby time! That is, between appointments, and a bit of school here and there, and the rest of life that-must-go-on.

Take care, friends. God bless you as you head into your weekend. May His perfect love free you from your fears, too!


  1. Congratulations girls!! And to you lil baby for staying inside so momma could complete swim lessons also :)

    Now baby, you may come out!

  2. These are happy, summery pictures. Love them. Way to go girls!

  3. Good for them!! Congratulations!