Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Hodge Podge

It's a week of endings and beginnings. I was sad to see this special summer come to an end for our family yesterday. But there's there's the adventure of the unknown ahead in this new season of school and settling in as a family of seven. I don't have adequate words to express my heart and was so comforted and encouraged by two posts at A Holy Experience.

In the first, she talks of being sad upon the ending of a happy summer, and in the second, she confesses being terrified as she faces the homeschool year. Ah, yes, me too. Good thing is, she also shares the Antidote to this fear.

I'm praising God that I'm finally not sick anymore - and that He sent help at just the right time. Hands and a heart in our home this week...washing clothes, holding baby, letting me rest, serving...

Goings on:

EG and MK, all ready for school this morning

EG decided that a water bottle reminded her of a squid's body, begged me to buy her some red tissue paper to stuff inside, then she made a squid. And that's a whale made from an old tape dispenser.

See Mr. Squid's big-scary-black-gaping mouth? And what about that enormous, searching eye?! Watch out!

MK decided one day to paint pictures of metamorphosis. I liked this watercolor sequence she made.

Hiding behind her art

CJ all dressed up, having a tummy nap

 This documents three things: 1) LC had four teeth pulled last week - that's why she's opening her mouth like that, to show off her spaces 2) LC had half her hair cut off last week, as well 3) this was the first Sunday we all went to church since CJ came to us. Oh, and this also documents the fact that it's a mathematical impossibility to get a nice photo of 5 children all at once!

We haven't quite figured out why blogger cuts off the right side of some of my photos...gotta get that solved... 


  1. Hooray, you're feeling better.

    Why are transitions so scary for us? Why can't I simply trust? I'm right there with you in this starting school business.

    CJ is getting big!

    That squid is incredible! Such creative girls you have.

    Regarding the right side of your photos being chopped off... you photos are wider than the template. You can adjust this two ways, either sizing your photos a bit smaller or editing the html code of your template to make the column a bit wider.

  2. Oh my gosh, EG is a creative genius! I really mean it. Seeing the possibility of a squid and a whale in those objects is seeing with eyes that most of us don't possess. I love the metamorphosis that MK did as well.

    I love love love the photo of the 5 girls. It looks like last week was a time of big changes for LC. With her hair cut mother and daddy will never be able to tell her apart from MK. Everyone looks pretty in their girlie clothes.

    I'm glad you have help this week. Isn't great? Enjoy.

  3. wow, that squid and whale are great! You have very creative girls!