Thursday, September 9, 2010

Just Not Much to Say!

Hello on Thursday!

I will be honest - I've not written lately primarily because I cannot think of anything to say.

I've been working on writing up our story - the story of how God brought BB and me together - but it is not done yet and we'll see if it makes it "live."

BB's mom and sister and her little boy are here visiting! They're here to meet Miss CJ for the first time, of course. But they're also blessing us in so many ways - my sister in law is a wham-bam kitchen cleaner. She knocks it out! And Gramma tells the best stories at bedtime. They watched the crew for me yesterday while I had an MRI done on my silly bum knee. I'm so glad to get moving with the process of getting the knee fixed. It's not a serious problem, but will be a relief to be able to use it normally again, Lord willing. Oh, and can I just say that having an MRI unnerved me more than I expected it to? Trying to stay perfectly still, listening to those droning, bonking noises, feeling super-paranoid that I'd jerk or move and ruin the whole thing. And I only had to go into the MRI from the waist down, thankfully.

Being gone a few hours on a Wednesday meant missing precious schooling time. Teacher Gramma to the rescue. She helped the big two girls with lots of their work!

I'll be back when I'm able, and here are a few parting shots...

Sometimes even Boring Baby must let us know she's got a voice and that, frankly, her milk is 5 minutes overdue!

Seven weeks today. This was after being held by LC, who has the magic touch...often she lulls CJ to sleep at times when I wouldn't have thought she'd go back to sleep.

MK colored this William Penn picture and I made a joke about his having a friend named William Pencil. MK ran off and came back with this rendering. 

Safari drawings by MK. Her pictures have so much charm and personality. I think she was using Draw Write Now as a guide when she did these.

EG had to do this comic strip style project about Florence Nightingale. I loved her cartoons! The bottom two are my favorites from the four pages of drawings.

A sample of LC's my left eye really that much bigger than my right?


  1. Oh how I love that first photo....too precious!

    I have been wondering how things were going on your end of the world. Glad your mom and sis in law made it safely. Enjoy your time with them and I will be praying for your bummed knee. Love you!

  2. She is getting more and more beautiful. That little frown is precious. {And, I love her green apple blanket!}

    MK's creations make me smile.

    Hello to Rachel and Stevie!

  3. Thanks for the prayers, L!

    C, the apple blanket is actually a swaddler, made by Swaddle Me. First time I've had one and I love it...and yes, aren't the apples cheery?

  4. I'm missing you all, y'll ;) already!