Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Saying Goodbye and Last Week's Living

Yesterday morning, in the wee hours, the six of us had to say goodbye (we let old sleepy CJ keep sleeping) to our three special guests after almost a week together.

The week was a whirl of great conversation, six-kid chaos, yummy treats, and Baby not feeling herself for several days. Gramma brought adorable handmade dolls - one for each of the five girls - precious Chinese babydolls (photos to come - she's got to open an etsy shop!), whom Gramma had named and about whom she'd already made up stories.

Brandon's mom and sister are always insistent about babysitting so that we can go on a date. Obviously, we never pass that up! So we went out Friday night and had a tasty meal. But our evening was cut short because our truck battery died twice. Brandon's sister had to rescue us the second time. Oh my. Thank you, R!

Every night, Gramma took over at bedtime and told the kids wild stories. They eat it up. Several years ago, she created a character and storyline for them. Each time they are all together, the story evolves and the plots thicken. I really hope she will write some children's books someday based on her Anna character!

Our nephew is a mild-mannered sweetie. The girls (and we!) enjoyed having him around. My favorite thing that he does: if asked any question that has a "yes" answer, he replies with the cutest "yeah!" that sounds like a little bird softly tweeting. Cute, cute.

I'm thankful that they were willing to come all that way to see us, thankful for their many, many kindesses, and most of all, I'm proud and happy to have them as my dear friends!

There's much percolating in my heart and mind, in the short snatches of time in which I can have focused thought these days...

...the Christ-life, the poor and needy, those sick and dying, how to trust the Lord with daily burdens...I hope to think and write on these things soon.

We are daily reminded that CA is a colorful, whimsical person. Here you see the Cowgirl-Farmer-Ballerina costume she's thrown together. She says to me, "Mom, can I put on a pin-cess?" (translation: Can I put on a princess? She considers the old play-tutu's to be princess-wear)

If only she had spurs...well, then again, maybe not.

Gramma with sleepy CJ, who is her ninth grandchild; CJ and Gramma, who laid aside the crocheting, napping together

Our nephew getting an exciting ride from Uncle BB; R, who is expecting a baby girl of her own, with CJ

Yep. Chalked everything outside, including herself. Nothing new there, though.

Not that I could ever list them all, but here are a few more Mercies from God's hand....

380 second and third blooms on our oleander bush and cannas, as well as that amazing multiple-bloom-bearing lone zinnia in my planter box - the last colors of summer. I'm so thankful for them.

381 being pushed by our pastor at church on Sunday to sing extra verses of a song extolling the Lord for being our strong tower, urging me, His child, to call on His name...this hit me hard in the right way at a moment of feeling low and disconnected from the Lord.

382 time alone (pics to come!) with LC while Gramma and Aunt R had time alone with CA

383 dolls, bunting (beautiful handmade things from Gramma that will always remind the girls of how much she loves them)

384 our date, which was a catalyst for reconnecting

385 clothes, folded by kind, loving hands (not my own!)

386 clothes finally put away! (yes, R, I did get them done yesterday at last!)

387 a moment to clean out my purse

388 finishing school early yesterday

390 health insurance

391 good health care (minor knee surgery scheduled for Monday! I'm ready!)

392 a close-up parking space at the doctor's office today when I forgot to take the stroller

393 forty minutes alone with CJ to write, to think, before my doctor's appointment today

394 "don't dust the baby" - this, among many other things you never imagined you'd say. I'm glad God gives us funny things to make us smile (CA had gone after Baby with a Swiffer duster)

395 Oatmeal Monday - one tiny step toward good old routines and habits (oats on M/W each week)

396 more sleep - Baby's doing so well at night!


  1. Just stopping by to say "hi!" Jess says MK told her the baby cries all the time...until she goes to sleep at 7 or sometimes 6. Sounds like a fun, noisy time! Or maybe not so fun if the story isn't an exaggeration. :)