Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Morning Friend

Look, she still has dimples on her hand at three years old...

And she wears ponytail holders on her wrist, plus the cute hearts pajamas...

My dad says that he often had little guests join him when he'd gotten up early to read the Bible and pray. History does repeat.

Life includes a rather long to-do list these days. If I don't put time with the Lord early and first, it's pretty tough to find a few minutes collected in which to think, pray, read, ponder. Pondering...I think that one's just about the hardest to accomplish of late. It takes some real time and stillness in order to ponder.

But this morning, time and stillness happened. My mind needed to unfold and to purposefully think on Christ. I just had to go through it all in my mind: the sinful state of man, Jesus giving up His glory for a little while to be born a God-man; to live among sinful, dirty, yet very loved people; to be misunderstood, hated, falsely accused, murdered, raised again. He endured being forsaken by God so I wouldn't have to. He took my punishment so I could be friends with God through the forgiveness of my death-deserving sins.

It's good to stop and remember. I'm glad I got to ponder today.

Have you gotten to stop and think lately?
Counting my many mercies from my God:

440 work

441 able body, able hands

442 a considerate husband, in so many ways...this time: unplugged my phone to charge his before he left today, but made sure to plug mine back up

443 seeing LC whirling CA in the stroller in the living room

444 feeling very lonely, praying, asking God about it, remembering Jesus felt the loneliest of all, ever...waiting, with little understanding, then realizing the heaviness of the lonely feelings had lifted...

445 apricot jelly on buttered toast

446 CA's packpack (she considers herself a schoolgirl and schoolgirls carry packpacks. she is careful to tuck her sippy cup of water into the side pouch)

447 my gecko friend who comes each night to the screen outside the kitchen window

448 the changes I'm seeing in my MK: confidence,, the Lord is at work...

449 sweet comments about the girls after a meal at a restaurant this week - encouraging, so encouraging. One was a kind older man, tickled to see all our little girls. When he spotted Baby CJ, he said, "Oh, I think I'm in love all over again," after having mentioned his last child was a daughter. The second was a woman who complimented the girls' behavior. I passed her words on to the girls. It was neat to rehash the reason for manners and politeness: love. God calls us to love. Love is not rude, but seeks to bless others. And it was good to point out that when we obey His ways, others are refreshed.

450 kids who beg all week long to "have a sleepover" - they want to spend the night in each others' rooms! Sweet!


  1. I miss y'all. Hugs and kisses all around.

  2. Sweet, sweet reflections. As I was reading I thought to myself, "One more thing you can add to your list is that you have a father who loves God and can tell you with fondness about days not so long ago when you were his early morning guest." What a heritage... definitely a tender mercy from God.

    I love apricot jelly.