Saturday, October 9, 2010

Photo Album Day 4 - CJ is Two Months

There is a certain small person in our family who is 2.5 months old now. She's earned names like Miss Dimple Wimple. What a sweet baby, certainly adored by her little fan club here, of which all six of us are members of course. What a blessing from the Lord CJ is! She had a checkup yesterday, and here are her stats:

13lbs 4oz
24 inches

She's stylin' in an outfit from grandma-BB, resting on a cozy blanket from her great-grandma GG Back Home. The socks, well, she found those among her sister's hand-me-downs.

CJ wants to know: does the jaunty little cap work with this outfit?
Big sister LC thought so, and had a big laugh over it.

EG's surprise muffin-making had to be documented here. Did everything herself. Her idea. Even put them in the oven (something the girls are just learning to NOT be afraid to do). They were her most independent baking yet, and turned out just right!

Sleeping babies are irresistible to photograph. Too bad the picture doesn't show the too-cute hand-dimples!

Just to show context: she fell fast asleep in the middle of our schoolroom, in the middle of the schoolday and took a solid nap with our homeschool world swirling around her. Love it.

She doesn't seem pleased with the lunch she's been given. I need to have a talk with that girl.

Okay, one more. I'm sorry. Couldn't not include this one. She looks a bit smug, no, sittin' up there in her girlie high chair?


  1. Those cheek! Oh, those cheeks!! I could shower them with kisses. She is beautiful! I love her expressions and how you so perfectly captured her easy-going nature in this post.

    Way to go, EG. I wish I had a sweet, big girl to bake muffins for me.

    Love that high chair fabric.

  2. What a sweet chunky monkey!! I could just eat her up!!

    I love her reaction to lunch...I would gladly eat that for lunch-better than my turkey sandwich!

    Wow, EG, I am so impressed. You are raising such fine girls who are going to make such wonderful wife's one day!!