Thursday, March 10, 2011

Ten on Ten for March


  1. lovely!
    Especially your girl with her steaming mug and face of repose. . . and your sweet littlest with her wee crumbs.

  2. Love these! My favorites are "Som 23" -- precious, and what a blessing to see God's word written by a child. I also love the one of AH holding CJ, reminds me of a similar photo of the two of them right after CJ's birth. Does AH still seem to be especially fond of Baby?

  3. LC was very into trying to write verses this week. It was so sweet - the best part was when I saw her reading them to the Baby.

    And yes, AH does LOVE Baby. She is learning how to love her know, what makes Baby happy as opposed to just whatever strikes AH's fancy in relating with her. It's a good progression, and it does my heart good to think about the fact that AH was here when CJ was born...that she saw her, held her, within moments of her arrival...special, Providential!