Tuesday, March 8, 2011


Wow. My heart, my head, my house = FULL! I keep thinking, there is so much life. So much living to be done, so much alive-ness, and now a house even more full, with a new life. Our road trip here went so smoothly, thanks be to God. Speaking of so much life: my precious EG turned 10 years old today! I am so grateful to the Lord for her. She's an amazing little girl - loves the Lord, is sensitive to others. She's hard working and responsible and a good friend - to me and to others! And don't get me started about her artsy, creative side!

So it's been three days as a family of eight in Texas. We had to hit the ground running, starting back to school and work on Monday after arriving late Saturday evening. Add to that the...largeness...of this big, God-worked change in our lives, and I'm left without real words tonight. There are already so many moments of overflowing hope for AH's healing and then there are the necessary, sanctifying conflicts among the children as they adjust to our new-and-improved dynamics!

God is right here with us! I love that. I love that He has and is equipping us for this special calling and season in our lives.

Here are some photos that will speak better than I can tonight!

 School in granddad's RV

top photo is mom and dad's house

I LOVE this photo of MK!
Wonder whose bag this is?

The obligatory CA-in-her-sunglasses-in-the-car photo. But this one CRACKS me up! I think I'll print it, just so I can look at it and laugh whenever I want to!

 AH's first time in our Sunday School class as our daughter. All the big girls were excited to have some hot chocolate during class. CA doesn't usually come into Sunday School with us, but we wanted to go as a whole family this time!

Keeping on with declaring His Mercies...

788 that thumpity-thump of tires on interstate in the wee hours of a road trip

789 AH swinging on our swingset, laughing in the sun

790 hearing mom say that "a heaviness lifted" from her heart on Saturday

791 text messages that say "we'd like to bring you dinner on Tuesday and Wednesday..."

792 CA: I was unkind to my sistah (this was CA praying, after she'd been ugly to AH! I was happily surprised that she wanted to pray independently - I usually kind of coach her through talking to Jesus about her sins - and felt a little thrill when she so naturally referred to AH as her sistah)

793 NOT checking my email and text messages obsessively or jumping at every phone call, thinking/hoping/wondering about the adoption

794 MK: brought my lunch upstairs for me, sneaky kindness, while I was putting CA and CJ down for naps today...also chose on her own to clean the sink in her bathroom...encouraging to see unselfish behaviors!!

795 Ten Years With EG

796 sibling conflict

797 Motivated Moms iPhone app

798 meeting many of AH's teachers at her school (Back Home) and getting to tour her classrooms last week - I am so thankful for the kind and loving instructors and counselors with which God blessed her and my parents during her nearly 2 years there

799 yet another text: "let me do your Costco run for you." I am humbled, beyond grateful, amazed at God's kindness and care...He keeps our hearts soft, doesn't He?


  1. Can I just say that I am humbled and encouraged by your thankfulness for sibling conflict? I needed that perspective adjustment today.

    I'm excited for all the alive-ness in your home. What a blessing.


  2. It's not an "easy thanks," as I know you know. And BOY have we had our share lately. But it's nothing terrible, nothing I didn't expect with this many people making this many adjustments. It's SUCH an opportunity to teach/preach to them and myself!!

  3. I laughed myself silly when I saw the picture of CA in her sunglasses. She is such an original!

    Love seeing photos of everyone and reading the blessings.

  4. I've put off commenting on this post because I don't know where to begin... reading it makes my eyes fill with grateful, happy tears and my heart feels full of awe and thanksgiving for what God is doing in your family, for how He has and is answering prayers. He is so good, oh how His blessings flow.

    Classic CA in her sunglasses. Your parents' "spread" is beautiful -- what a great place for little girls to run and play. And, yes, I'm with you on the photo of MK, so perfect.