Tuesday, March 22, 2011


And...Miss Dimple Wimple is 8 months old today...

She asked if I'd show everyone her new skills. And her delicious self in the snug (12 month) pajamas. I said yes, of course.

The side-view, for other babies who are ready to, ahem, step out with a new milestone, and might perhaps need a visual on the mechanics of it all.

An extra-special skill that CJ has been practicing. A bit advanced, yes, the infant push-up, but with a little stretching and working out, your baby can accomplish this feat!

But the dimples? Well, you gotta be born with those. And CJ knows how to work the dimples. Sad mommy? Long day for daddy? Grumpy sisters? She knows that all she's gotta do is flash the dimps and we'll all have a mood swing.

Thanks for your patience. There Really is STILL So Much Life....so much that I can't even begin to keep up here! I always want to wait and write until I can do so somewhat thoughtfully, but alas, that's simply not been possible in the past 3 weeks or so!

Maybe one night soon I'll stay up late and get caught up here. There's so much I want to tell and show - changes in my heart and mind, things the kids are up to, spring's arrival, family news, kid-drama. It's a happy, complex, exhausting, special life, it sure is. A unique calling, indeed, from the Lord.

How are you, friends? What happiness or trial or big news is filling your life today?


  1. I'm so behind on reading and commenting here. I thought I might find the time this morning to get caught up, but not so. Oh well. Dimples is adorable and very athletic. I can tell her smile lights up your home and your heart.

  2. She's so cute Beth. I know I'm too lazy to blog...but I am still enjoying following and praying for you!

  3. C - don't worry about commenting! :-) I so know how LIFE is!

    Nelle - I am happy to see you! I am glad you checked in!! And I have to say...

    To everyone who pops in - I don't know who all does - but can I just say THANK YOU?! Thank you for the prayers you pray to the Lord on our behalf??? I have heard others say "we could tell people were praying." I SO CAN. God's grace is just dripping from our lives here right now...especially AH's...

    And thank you for stopping in. Your visits are special to me. It means a lot that you take the time to come, to catch up, to read about our little lives...

  4. Oh my goodness, the baby push-up is hilarious! Boulder does the half push-up with one knee still on the ground. He's a little lazy. ;)

    Looking forward to hearing more about what's going on with you and your family... (although I can't imagine how you'd have time to sit and write! :)


  5. Love, love, love that girl!! Oh how I could just squeeze her!!

    Just saw R yesterday at the park...was able to see how things have been going for you since I have been such a slacker friend and have not called/emailed!

    Our news is that Colton broke his growth plate in his wrist today so we now have a cast for hopefully only the next 3 weeks! Craziness!!!