Wednesday, March 23, 2011

This is What My Kids Did After School Today

But really quick, first: I wrote this in the comments the other day, but just in case you didn't read it...

To everyone who pops in - I don't know who all does - but can I just say THANK YOU?! Thank you for the prayers you pray to the Lord on our behalf??? I have heard others say "we could tell people were praying." I SO CAN. God's grace is just dripping from our lives here right now...especially AH's...

And thank you for stopping in. Your visits are special to me. It means a lot that you take the time to come, to catch up, to read about our little lives...

I just wanted to be sure you got my thanks - my heart of gladness that you come by here!

After we finished school, I let the kids ride bikes out front and in the street, while I worked a bit on painting an old bookshelf in the garage. AH disappears inside for a bit and returns with tape and playing cards in her hand...

She fixed her bike up with a couple of cards and zipped down the driveway, making that flapping, almost-motorcycle-like noise, much to the delight of the other girls...(this photo by EG)

You don't even have to imagine ('cause I'm showing you, of course) what happened next. Right away, she was showing all the other girls how to soup up their rides, too. Then it was let's see how they sound with like 12 cards on each bike...

Here's LC with her flappers. I mean, what do you call them anyway? They were all so loud riding out in front of the house and in the street. When AH first rode away with about a dozen on her wheels, some guys walking down the street started laughing and you could tell they thought it was great. We were all cracking up. Quote of the afternoon, from AH, "Well, I guess I did learn something while living 20 months with MaMa and PaPa!" This, because PaPa taught her how to rig these things up, of course. And that's another thing: I am learning that AH has a great sense of humor. Makes me laugh a lot.

And the kicker - I'm still cracking up just looking at it. AH created a mini-flapper for one of the girls' scooters. Hilarious. Sounds like a cricket chirping or something. Truly, we are the most obnoxious (and happy) bike-riders on the street, eh?

So, I'd still really like to write a thoughtful post. I am having a few deep thoughts here and there. When I'm asleep. I'm kidding on that one, but seriously, when God teaches me and is so good to me I love to share! And I have some great resources I'd like to tell about, as well.

For now, I couldn't resist putting these photos out, because they made me so happy. The girls were having so much fun, and it was neat that it was AH and her funny creativity who made it all happen.

And can I say, she takes to homeschooling like nobody's business. Amazing. Already self-starting, figuring out what all she can do on her own!
Funny: conversation on adoption at lunch today, because a neighbor friend of ours, a little girl, thought that AH's being adopted meant she came from an orphanage. So CA pipes up and says, "What's adopted, mom?" I explained that it's when you take a child who wasn't born to you and make it your own. Her reply: Well, I'm not a dolphin!

Yep, I've smiled a lot today. Thank You, Lord.

Y'all have a good end-of-week. I hope to write more soon...


  1. haha...takes me back to when I was a child - used to love doing that! I should do that for my boys - they would think they were cool stuff!!

  2. Great to see how happy everyone is!!!! And now I'm laughing my head off at the "I'm not a dolphin" quote. Love you all!