Wednesday, April 20, 2011

For When You Haven't Been There, Done That

If You are pleased with me, teach me Your ways so I may know You and continue to find favor with You. Exodus 33:13

Show me your ways, LORD, teach me your paths. Psalm 25:4

 Photos by EG. Baby's dress by my dear, dear friend.

 You know, I haven't been here, done this. I've never parented six children. Haven't navigated the bittersweet heart and mind of a wounded child, 24/7. Each day is its own unique set of challenges and I seriously do not know how to do it, or what to do, for that matter, much of the time. But you know what I've been praying, saying to God?

Lord, I don't know how to do this. I don't even know what to do next. Teach me Your way. 

Such a simple thought, an uncomplicated (and boy, do I love uncomplicated these days!) prayer. But I am so comforted to repeatedly ask this of Him. It's relieving to admit to Jesus that I can't do it this on my own. It is a burden off heart and mind to believe: He has a good way for me to walk through this day. He will teach me His way to face and handle each twist and turn! He is so good.

And, all I can say is, What an adventure, this life He has given me!
Now with a jacket. I was so happy to have a coordinating jacket for her dress! Jacket is an oldish Target clearance find from years ago!

All is mercy when we put our hope in Christ and His loving purposes...

Number 867:
THIS SONG - take a moment to listen, take another to sit and read the lyrics

868 one fat, soapy, lavender-scented baby in my kitchen sink last night

869 one fat, clean, pajama-ed baby, with just-clipped nails

870 kindness of a neighbor

871 kindness of another neighbor

 Good girl, EG: she just snapped away and thus ended up with many good photos! Thanks, kiddo! And thanks to MK, who had Baby smiling so nicely by being silly behind the camera.

872 day trip with special friends

873 to a sweet little tiny town

874 to taste and see chocolate!

875 the perfect, perfect timing of that day trip, the wonderful conversation, the listening ears, getting to know friends better

I just liked her eyes in this one. Don't look at the writing on my hand. Lately I can't remember anything for more than 34 seconds, hence the written reminders...

876 Good Friday

877 marriage

878 husband came home from a business trip wearing a suit and tie

879 a better day

880 babystep lessons learned

881 thoughtful, precious gifts in the mail, celebrating AH's arrival into our family


  1. I think my prayers are best when they're uncomplicated - I think that's when I tend to ask for guidance rather than give instructions.

    Loving your pictures of Spring - it's rainy here. The frogs like it though!

  2. Your reminders of His mercy are always so timely. I needed to hear that it's ok--it's even a blessing--to NOT know what I'm doing. :)

    I love the pics! Chubby babies are wonderful and chubby babies in dresses are even better!


  3. These blessings and these pictures make me smile. EG takes after her mama... she's got the eye. I love the photo of you and CJ together. Our baby sissy wore her similar little dress this past week. I must make more!

  4. adorable baby :) great angle on that photo too - I think you have a budding photographer.