Friday, April 15, 2011

Mercy #850: The Photos Below and All They Represent {+ 3 new mercies}

After a week that was...what's the word...stifling, due to lots of (sanctifying!) kid counsel and training, it was fresh air to my soul to photograph wildflowers today! There's a large patch beside the girls' school parking lot - and praise be to God, He'd prompted me to grab the camera, just in case. You never know what you might see! Thank You, Lord, for the sweet freshness it was to all of us to see, shoot, touch, and collect flowers today! We all needed it!

I'm not quite sure what's up with the blue. I do know I just about threw out my back twisting backwards from the driver's seat at a red light to snap this one. Don't tell anyone that I take pictures at stop lights.

851 oh glorious! moments, opportunity to take in wildflowers in the sunrise morning

852 rejuvenation

853 everyone slept through last night

854 the face of a friend at my door, dropping off a left behind shoe, just when I needed, well, frankly, a hug (this, after one of those intense discipline situations)

855 the sufficiency of God's Word: it is perfect; it is practical; it is powerful!

856 LC is truly learning to say the R sound, after lots of practice and reminding - yahoo!

857 the unbelievable help and care our Sunday school class friends have given us - love of Jesus in action and such a comfort and joy to my heart: meals every night (!!) when BB traveled for a week!!

858 a simple, productive schoolday for LC

859 watching CJ explore - she's insatiable right now - running her hands and fingers over everything, experiencing, experimenting, learning: love it!

860 finding little ways to give more grace

861 setting out sprinklers alone in the moonlight and breeze tonight: breathtaking

862 them happy and very, very silly and loud in the truck coming home from school pickup

863 their delight over our getting a carwash

864 CA, pulling clothes out of her already disorganized, stuffed-full drawers: Mom, this is a excellent way to clean up!" (she's got the pulled out clothes spread on the floor, folding them into neat squares)

865 catching glimpses, reassurances, of being led by the Spirit looking back at a week in which it felt nearly impossible to have one full, coherent thought. HE is so good! He is all wisdom and knowledge and truth, the Perfect Guide at all times, so able to do what is good through us, in spite of our weakness!

866 the way they make me smile and laugh! LC, today: Is today the day to eat the Lord's Supper? For real, she said this. What she meant: Are we eating shepherd's pie tonight? (shepherd's pie is a new thing to her...I love it that "shepherd" became "the Lord" in her mind...)

Say hello to Black Eyed Susan. We've determined she's a Cyclops, with that one eye and all. 

I have a thing for sunburst. So here in this part of Texas, wildflower blooming is by far the most beautiful time of the year. Sadly, the beloved bluebonnets are doing very poorly this spring.

LC's bouquet. The purple/green flower on the left: STINKY! Not a keeper.

Dimple Wimple is a big girl in the front seat for a moment. (Cute outfit from my mom.)

Don't know what it is. I kept seeing patches of them by the roadsides. Fascinating!

Indian Blanket. From a distance, dense sections of these flowers appear to be orange. They're such happy looking blooms.

Verbena. Lots of it growing beautifully all over the place. I so want to dig some up and bring it home!

EG's flowers, picked after school.

MK: I think hers was my favorite!

I hope you have a pleasant weekend! Thank you for stopping by!


  1. Beth, that "Lord's supper" was heart stopping to me - beautiful. Just powerful and beautiful. My church will celebrate communion together after a simple supper this week - "the Lord's supper." I feel like your daughter's comment was a little God-whisper, that God is active and real. . .

  2. That first photo was worth nearly throwing your back out! Beautiful, even the smurf hands. Love it!

    I always enjoy seeing your Texas wildflowers.

  3. Thanks for sharing all of your beautiful mercies and oh how I wish I was able to be at your doorsteps to give you a hug when needed!

    Love Miss Dimple Wimple and all of her chunkyness!! Eat her up!! :)