Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Happy Birthday, My love

My name is Brandon and I am the husband of Beth. I begin this post somewhat with fear of the unspoken, unwritten rules of blogging that I am most certainly breaking. I am neither a writer nor a blogger. I do not know the etiquette that is established, however I am sure that hijacking my dear wife’s blog to submit my own thoughts to her readers is not acceptable. Still, I am compelled to do so and I hope you take the time to consider my words, as they are true and timely.

Today, Beth adds another year to her collection. As I began to consider how best to celebrate her birth and subsequent life with me, I thought nothing more fitting than to honor her with her own element – written word. 

Our relationship started some 14 years ago when we began our journey of knowing each other fully, first as friends having lunch, then as a couple slowly bringing down our guard to let each other see who we really are. A few years before that, someone told me something that I would never forget. He said, “When you think about someone being your wife, you must consider what kind of mother they will be.” This statement struck me as odd because I did not pine away for children, rather a wife, even though I knew I would want children eventually. Still, it was seared in my conscience. This statement always came to the forefront of my mind as I considered whom the Lord had prepared to be my wife. As Beth and I grew to know each other better as friends, I could see that she would be a mother that would bless her children. Of course, I was falling in love with her and this was yet another item checked off on the list of “why she is perfect for me”.

She speaks with wisdom, and faithful instruction is on her tongue. – Proverbs 31:26

As we have walked through this adventure, children coming all the way, I have seen the Lord change Beth in amazing ways – drawing her to Him as He focused her heart on training our children. He has poured out His wisdom on her, allowing her precious words to penetrate the hearts and minds of our children. So often, I overhear as she patiently, thoroughly corrects and instructs our children through scripture.
With so many distractions in this life, people often lose heart and allow themselves to be wrapped up in things that do not matter. What will it matter next week if there are a few extra dirty dishes or if the furniture did not get dusted? What will it matter if you miss the prime time show or that all-important sports game? The answer, of course, is hard to swallow in the moment. What I love in my wife is she is focused on what matters.

What a blessing to walk this road with my best friend – to share my days and nights with the one I love. One who embodies wisdom, love, patience, and commitment. Please join me in wishing Beth a wonderful birthday (May 4) as we continue our life together as husband and wife, mother and father, best friends.

All my love...


  1. Birthday blessings to you, Beth, today as you are celebrated and through the coming year.
    And this post is so loving!

  2. Beth! I hope you have a wonderful day lovely lady!

    Brandon, it's so cool to hear what a blessing Beth is to you, not that I really doubted, since even here way across the Pacific she is a blessing to me with her example, even if at the time I scowl at her convicting words on a day when my heart isn't right with God. =P

    Happy Birthday Beth!

  3. Aww what a beautiful post ! So sweet ! Happy Birthday Beth !

  4. Happy Birthday my dear sweet Beth!! You are such an encouragement to me as not only a wife but a mother! Thank you for your friendship!

    PS Can't wait to see you shortly and well written Brandon aka BB!!

  5. There are tears running down my face because I *know* every word in this post is true. Happy Birthday to the dearest of dear friends. Thank you, Brandon, for honoring Beth so beautifully!

  6. Happy birthday, sweet friend! Brandon is an angel.....you dear one are a gift! Love you dearly and am praying that you continue to be blessed as you seek HIM first. Oh Happy Day! Love, love, ashley

  7. Happy Birthday, Beth!! What a testimony and a blessing you are to those around you!! Thank you, Brandon, for honoring Beth this way!! Amazing family!

  8. What a sweet testament to the blessing you are, Beth! (Beautifully written, Brandon!) It sounds like you had a wonderful birthday. I'm thankful to have met you in this little corner of the blogosphere...and I look forward to following along as God continues to pour out mercies on your beautiful family!


  9. Brandon, I bet this birthday surprise tops even gifts which come wrapped in Tiffany blue....just sayin....well done and said!

    Love you both!

  10. You are both treasures. What a lovely post! So inspiring, really.
    And that last photo is so amazing. Happy, happy birthday, Beth!

    (I thought I had posted a comment before, but it somehow isn't here???)